Calcium is the most important source for the maintenance of bones, teeth, prevention of cancer and also helpful for the reduction of obesity etc. The health providers explain that calcium should be provided to a person from his childhood to the old age. Why it is necessary for an infant because when the infant grows, he develops his bones and there is the time when there is simultaneous growth of teeth so at this period calcium plays major role to support child. And in the older age our bones goes weak and so there is more chances of its fractures so at this time we should intake calcium as it keeps the bones strong. The doctors significantly prescribe the calcium-contained medicine to the woman who has the symptoms of weak bones. So calcium is essential part of nutrients. There are many health benefits of calcium which you can see through the given articles.

Benefits of Eggplant –

It is very simple to get eggplant as it is available in market. it belongs to the nightshade of family members. We can include tomato, sweet potatoes and potatoes as its family. Eggplant naturally invites several of nutrients such as fiber, potassium, manganese, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B3, calories, folate, vitamin K, molybdenum and many others. There numerous health benefits of eggplant as it excellently possesses many nutrients.

• It provides 2 gram of fiber per cup which helps in digestion and colon health.

• As eggplant naturally is low in calorie it plays a significant role in reducing your weight.

• Eggplant does not contain manganese only but its skin possesses antioxidant nasunin which helps prevent cellular damage in the brains of rats. It is also rich in high chlorogenic acid which provides to our body antimicrobial and antiviral activities and also helps lower bad cholesterol levels.

• It also helps cure insomnia. For this you have to take brinjal with honey at night.

• It is also helpful for enlargement of spleen that occurs in malaria.

Benefits of Lettuce –

Like brinjal, lettuce is also beneficial for health. It naturally contains calories, fats, carbohydrate, protein, calcium, sodium, vitamin A, floric acid etc. This helps fight several dangerous diseases.

• If you consume the juice of spinach and lettuce, it means you are reducing the risk of bone fracture. The juice of spinach and lettuce if blended in equal proportion, and drink it, it will strengthen your bones.

• It is also rich in cellulose which makes it good roughage for the body. It significantly boosts the bulk of intestinal contents and improves peristalsis.

• You should also know that cabbage beats out most lettuce in vitamin C content which is helpful for your health.

• It is also a good store house of beta carotene and vitamin A which is required for maintaining the healthy mucus membranes and skins it is also beneficial for the eye vision.

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