You must have heard a saying that we should chew food at least 32 times. This is often heard in our house or by teachers. Different people explain different reasons behind this. Many people believe that food is well digested by chewing food properly, so many people believe that weight is also in control because of it
When we rush and do not chew our food properly then we swallow down large particles of food. Because of this fast eating habit saliva does not mix up with the food properly so take small pieces of food that can be easily chewed and swallowed. Chew the ingestion of the food, until it completely dissolves in your mouth, even if it is a dry or wet substance.

1. Helpful in digestion - The saliva produced in the mouth when chewing food, breaks the pieces of food and makes it soft. This makes digestive action easily.

2. Oral Health - If you chew the food properly, it will also benefit your mouth. Saliva of the mouth is helpful in fighting mouth odor and germs. It contains hydrogen carbonate which prevents the plague from being born. Saliva also cleanses the strain of food stuck in the teeth.

3. Release the saliva - When you chewing food properly, all the vitamins and nutrients found in it come together with saliva, which gives us energy. If the diet is not chewed properly then there will be difficulty in digestion and stomach ache and the gas problem will arise.

4. Helpful in weight loss - when you eat slowly, your brain sends you a signal that your belly is full. It also helps in reducing obesity because you can not eat more then you need.

5. Chew slowly and easily - When you chew the food properly then you will feel more satisfied and blissful, which will make you think clearly about all other aspects of your life. No more mood swings for you!

Developing this habit of chewing food for prolonged might seem difficult at first and you might also feel odd to chew your food that longer. Aim for chewing each bite at least 32 times before you swallow. Very soon you will get used to it and your body will thank you for that.

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