When deciding the wedding theme, lots of planning also need to considered. Though there are lots of wedding themes like classical, summer, winter, western, halloween, angel etc, most of them prefer for beach theme. This is because, in beach wedding there is a complete freedom to wear what you like and no need for any formal wear. The bride can simply wear a gown and the groom can wear a light weight shirt and pants or simply a thin shirt and short trousers. If the couples want to have a great wedding celebration within short budget, then beach theme will be the perfect choice.
Choosing the season for the beach wedding is most important. Also choose a right time of the day for the wedding event. The climatic conditions should be good on the big day, this helps the guests to enjoy all the events with complete satisfaction. Then choosing the wedding location is very important. Select the beach that is not crowded since, it will be difficult to organize the grand event in more crowed areas. It is also a great pain for the wedding photographers to capture the precious moments of the wedding in the crowded locations. So select the place that is less crowded.
Some problems faced with the beach wedding are choosing the wedding dresses, bridal shoes, table arrangements, catering services etc. Though there are no specific wedding dresses for the beach theme, the bride and groom can select the dresses that highlights their personality during the wedding ceremony. The bride can avoid wearing long and heavy dresses, as this feels uneasy for the bride. Shopping for dresses is very easy for the beach theme. Any casual dresses will fit for the beach theme. The only thing considered is the color of the dress. Short gowns of blue and pink is suitable for the beach theme. Flat shoes are best for beach theme as it will be comfort in walking in the sand. For groom, anything can fit perfect. The only thing considered for the groom dressing is, it should match with the bride dressings and looks good. Tables can be arranged in groups to make the catering services easier. Musicians can entertain the guests by playing the music based on different events of the wedding. This keeps everyone fresh and gives attention to the wedding ceremony. The most important thing to be considered is the photographs. Photographers find it difficult to choose the lens for the lighting condition. So discuss your wedding location and time of your wedding with the photographers. This helps the photographers to choose the correct lens for taking photographs.

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