Cloud computing has been allowing businesses, small or large, to store their database, servers, networking, analytics, software, and applications online. Cloud service providers are basically computing networks or a large group of networks that can be accessed through the internet. Features such as affordable cost, quick speed, anywhere access, easy setup and worldwide networking make cloud computing a reliable technology amongst many corporate companies all across the globe. As cloud computing can be customized and used according to varying purposes and requirements, it is used in many industries including automotive, education, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, production, real estate, legal, non-profit and finance.
Being a corporate company, using cloud computing and getting the employees the skills related to the software becomes crucial for worldwide networking, storage, and accessibility. In this technology-driven world, cloud computing is used by almost every company. The need to train employees in the software thus becomes an urgent necessity for the companies to stay updated. Employees of corporate companies can take cloud computing training from anywhere and anytime with the help of online training offered at Multisoft Virtual Academy. The online training platform provides various features to corporate companies such as:

Expert trainers: Cloud computing training at Multisoft Virtual Academy is conducted by a team of certified trainers who are highly experienced and have completed training more than 70,000 working professionals and employees belonging to corporate companies.

Flexible timing: The online training is accessed by aspirants across the globe belonging to different time zones who find it difficult to manage work timings and training sessions. The timings of training sessions are thus customizable so that the learners can choose the date, time and duration as per their convenience.

Customizable courses: Since cloud computing caters to requirements of corporate companies belonging to various industries, Multisoft Virtual Academy offers a variety of courses to meet the requirements of professionals and companies from different fields of work. Cloud computing online training is conducted for Salesforce, Azure, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

Updated courseware: Cloud computing online training is taken by working professionals and corporate companies spread all across the globe. These professionals and companies face tough completion in the market. The courseware is thus carefully designed and structured to meet international standards.

Access to learning material: Learners are provided with 24x7 access to digital learning material so that they can revise their course content anytime and anywhere.

Hands-on sessions: Training at Multisoft Virtual Academy is not limited to theoretical knowledge. The learners of cloud computing online training are offered with practical sessions and software access so that they get hands-on experience as they learn.

Assessments: We believe and support the idea of self-analysis. The candidates of cloud computing online training are offered Assessments and mock tests so that they can analyze their skills and knowledge of the courses they are pursuing.

Practical exercises: Aspirants can check their abilities and skills with practical exercises that provide them with a better grip and analysis of their knowledge to work on cloud computing software.

Exam preparation tips: Many of the aspirants pursuing cloud computing training online aim to appear in the cloud computing certification exam. Trainers at Multisoft Virtual Academy are also mentors, who provide learners with exam tips and professional guidance whenever needed.

Training certificate: Every learner of cloud computing training online is awarded a training certificate after completing the course. This certificate helps the corporate companies to showcase the extraordinary skills their employees possess.

Recorded sessions: The relation with a learner does not end at Multisoft after the training is completed. Learners of cloud computing online courses get lifetime access to recorded training sessions which can be used anytime in the future to brush up the skills and knowledge they gained.

To have a look at various cloud computing courses offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy, click here. Multisoft Virtual Academy is an online training platform that has been training millions of working professionals and corporate companies in its 600+ technical and non-technical courses for the last 17 years in partnership with Microsoft, Oracle, Project Management Institute, IIBA, DevOps Institute, ISTQB and ITIL. To read more about Multisoft, visit

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