In today’s marketing environment we are being introduced to so many tools that are supposed to enhance the way we do business and make our lives easier. If you are using social media correctly this is true. Cross-promoting is one of the fastest ways to be seen, create credibility and drive awareness. You can implement this strategy immediately.

Here are 7 tips to cross promote your business, service or product using social media.

1. Create a mindset that is about giving and being generous. Don’t wait for people to do something for you. Good Karma goes a long way.
2. Find others in your field or related fields and reach out to them via email or a social media site. Ask them if they would be open to cross-promote each other and share the following strategy.
3. “Like” each other on Facebook and share a brief summary or note on their page.
4. Create complimentary links to each other on your websites or blogs.
5. Share a video on YouTube and link it back to their site. “Subscribe” and “Friend” each other on YouTube.* Make a positive comment on one of their videos.
6. Share something complimentary about the other person, their title or post on one of the social media sites with a link back to them.
7. Post a positive review on Amazon, iTunes or where ever their title is sold.

Some people might think this strategy is a waste of time. If you implement and work this strategy you will see positive results fairly quick. Don’t get caught up in pacing up and down your hallways waiting for someone to “Like” you back. Keep the strategy and focus moving forward and do it with a smile.

If you would like to cross-promote with me, send me an email and lets help each other grow!

* To “Friend” a channel on YouTube sign into your account and search for the other account. Once you are on their page you will see a yellow Search button a little ways down and above their profile. Click on the add Friend button. YouTube will only let you do about 8 or so in one session.

Author's Bio: 

Rick Lite is the marketing and distribution brains behind Stress Free Kids. He has launched dozens of book and CD titles over the past 7 years. His marketing strategies have included creating partnerships with domestic and international distributors, online and catalog resellers, digital download distributors and many non for profit organizations that use titles for fund-raising events. Over the last 7 years, Rick has been responsible for selling over 100,000 units of book and CD titles through and has several titles “in-store” with Borders, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million.

He is available for a free phone consultation by calling (770) 321-4066 or emailing