In the professional world, we focus on so many things at once that the benefits of deep breathing might not be immediately obvious. After all, if the deadlines aren't met, who cares how we breathe? As long as we're alive, we're doing it correctly, right?

Wrong. Here we'll take a look at how the benefits of deep breathing can be seen in your work life as well as in your personal life.

Why You're Probably Breathing Wrong

It's strange to think that something as basic as breathing can be done wrong. It can, though, and usually, it is. This is especially true for people with stressful jobs. When we're stressed, our bodies automatically begin to breathe more shallowly. We only expand our chests, not our abdomens. This is how people breathe when they are afraid, stressed, or tense. The crazy part is breathing this way stresses us out even more!

When we breathe this way, we don't get enough oxygen into our bodies. We get enough to keep going, sure, but we don't get enough to give every part of our body the optimum amount of oxygen it needs. This results in decreased brain activity, a sluggish feeling, and increased irritability and stress. The benefits of deep breathing are the exact opposite!

Instead of restricting yourself, take the time to breathe properly throughout the day. Whenever you feel tense, sit back in your chair or stand up tall. Inhale fully, expanding your chest and abdomen. Keep the breath in for a few moments, and then exhale slowly. Breathe this way until you feel your tension melt away. Often, a few deep breaths are all it takes. The instant benefits of deep breathing make it one of the most popular and effective stress reduction techniques.

How Breathing Can Affect Relationships

When we're breathing shallowly and not getting enough oxygen, our bodies are being flooded with stress hormones. These keep us on edge until they are relieved by feel-good hormones, called endorphins. Deep breathing releases endorphins.

Imagine going through a workday filled with stress, breathing shallowly, feeling the stress build and build. When you get home to your partner after work, or go on a date, that stress follows you! Even though you might feel more relaxed away from your job, the stress hormones don't magically go away when you leave the office. They continue to circulate in your body, making you react in a more stress-induced way to everything that happens to you. Obviously, this does not set an ideal scene for a romantic evening.

If you practice deep breathing on a regular basis, you can ensure that your work stress is reduced, and keep unavoidable stress where it belongs: at work. Once you feel more relaxed, you'll become a more fun and caring partner, because your stress is lower and you simply feel better. The benefits of deep breathing can help you handle your job in a calmer manner, and also help you to be a better partner once you're off work for the day.

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