This is a digital world! More and more paper is disappearing. Everyone it seems, is going paperless. Online purchases, airlines, grocery stores, gas stations, doctor’s offices, dry cleaners… you name it!

In addition to being good for the environment, this presents new challenges for businesses of all sizes. At this point you might be considering using a Business Process Outsourcing - BPO Company, to make that transition and maintain your records.

Digital record-keeping can be easy, but what about your paper documents and records?

Document Digitization is a process of converting physical data into digital format by either a software or a manual process. If you’re moving into the digital realm for the first time, the amount of paper documentation that already exists can be staggering. And the task of going digital may seem overwhelming.

Digitization of data may be of various types:

Digitization of paper documents
Digitization of large size document
Digitization of Books
Digitization of Newspapers of Magazines
Digitization of engineering manuals
Digitization of Aperture cards
Digitization of insurance forms
Digitization of patient records
Digitization Travel tickets
Digitization of bills submitted by employees for claims
Document digitization processes varies by industry, every industry doesn’t save records the same way or in the same format. Our wide range of expertise to convert any type of documents into any style of digital format makes us unique! We have experts who understand your business and help us to convert the documents into any digital format.

Here are the Top 7 Benefits of Digitizing Documents:

Easy accessibility
Cost reduction
Data Security
Increased productivity
Storage & Recovery
Environmentally Friendly
Competitive Edge
Easy Accessibility:
Document digitization enables an organization to access the data in the digital form from anywhere, which breaks the barriers of location, time and simultaneous access. Easy accessibility of data improves the data flow within the organization, resulting in enhanced productivity. Cost Reduction: Digitization of documents enables an enterprise to get rid of physical documents that consume various resources such as office space, security personnel, and decay-free environment. Once the data is digitized we can optimize these resources for cost reduction. Data Security: As the documents are digitized, access to digital data is easy to define. Digital access not only reduces the time required to provide access but also makes it possible to define the accessibility level. This enhances data security and protects you from data leaks. With the right kind of cybersecurity, it’s easy to safely maintain data. Increased Productivity: Data can be accessed by multiple departments within the business at the same time if the data is not digitized, it takes more time and more effort to access it.Data Storage and Recovery: Digitized data is easy to store at multiple locations, which assures data safety. Data storage in multiple locations gives extra protection against data corruption or loss. Physical documents are more likely to get damaged in case of natural disasters, whereas digitized data is more secure and easy to replicate. Natural calamities are often unpredictable so storing it at multiple, secure locations adds reliability to your documents. Environmentally Friendly: With digitized data, there’s no need to print it for distribution, also handling of digitized data is easy. An email is all you need to share the data so it avoids unnecessary printing. This will ultimately result in saving natural resources. Competitive Advantage: When you access the digitized data, it becomes easy for you to find various records instantly. You can run an analytical diagnosis that can yield important insights.
From our beginnings, Rely Services has been a leader in the field of document digitization. We have a team of experts who can deliver the work on time and under budget with total accuracy. Contact us to find out how we can help you at or call us on +1 (847) 310-8750.

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