Why drink licorice tea?

Not only is it almost universally believed to be one of nature's best medicines,
It tastes delicious. If you like sweet beverages, but want to wean yourself off sugar, substitute a cup of licorice tea for a sugar-sweetened beverage or add a little licorice root to your favourite herbal blend. ...

Licorice contains a natural sweetener, glycyrrhizin, which is 50 times as sweet as sucrose.

Here is what it can do for you:

•Licorice is powerful in healing and protecting reproductive systems vital to maintaining healthy fertility.
A mild laxative, licorice tea can relieve constipation.
•Licorice tea has anti-inflammatory properties that may ease the pain of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
•It helps protect the stomach lining and is recommended for use for those who use medications that may damage the mucous membrane in the stomach. Ask your health care provider before taking licorice tea with other medications. It can inhibit the effectiveness of some and may cause an adverse reaction
•Licorice has been found to assist with adrenal exhaustion therefore is beneficial for lethargy, chronic fatigue and general tiredness.
Licorice is an expectorant and can be of benefit in treating bronchial disorders.
•Studies have shown that licorice helps the liver neutralise toxins and can be beneficial in treating liver disorders such as hepatitis.
•Licorice is supportive for the health of your liver because of the compound glycyrrhizic acid, found in root of the licorice plant has been shown to be hepatic protective. Simplified means that it protects the liver from damaging substances, including damage from pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical medications, and alcohol. Obviously only to a certain degree if there is not an overconsumption of these.
•Licorice tea has anti-spasmodic properties meaning that it relieves, prevents, or lowers the incidence of muscle spasms, especially those of smooth muscle such as in the bowel wall.
•Licorice is often recommended by herbalists as a substitute for St. Johns Wort as a treatment for depression as it can be used in conjunction with antidepressant medication.
•It is reported to significantly ease pre-menstrual tension (PMS) and aids in balancing hormones
•It significantly reduces hot flushes in menopause.
•Licorice tea is used to treat low blood pressure.
•Licorice is believed to fight the formation of plaque in blood vessels and may help prevent heart disease.

Care should be taken though, and limit your intake of licorice to one or two cups per day and if you want to use it for medicinal purposes, use it under supervision of a health care professional.
There is such a thing as "too much of a good thing" and licorice can have unwanted side effects if overused.
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