Nowadays, most of the people like to eat on the dining table, but it is not completely beneficial for the health. Eating on the ground has been the tradition from old times, we get many benefits. According to the medical officer Roshan Lal Mod, there can be many diseases from eating on the dining table. Opposite of this, people that eat on the ground have the great immunity power to fight again diseases. We are discussing below some benefits to eat on the ground.

1) When we eat on the ground, then we make a special kind of state of our body, It is a kind of yoga and called as ”Sukhasan”. The Sukhasan is another form of “Padmansan”. Sukhasan gives the all the benefits that we can get from “Padmasan”.

2) We eat comfortably when we eat on the ground.

3) There is Increases your concentration by this yoga.

4) Blood circulation becomes normal by this yoga. By which the body gets more energy.

5) It can reduce your mental stress easily, and The effect of positive thoughts increase in our mind.

6) Our legs become strong by this yoga.

7) By this yoga, we get more relief from diseases of Obesity, indigestion, constipation, gas etc.

8) It decreases your laziness and maintains your energy, and The muscle strain is low.

9) When we eat on the ground then, there is a pressure on The lower part of the spinal cord, by this body feel relaxed.

10) By this yoga, we get more relax in a backache.

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