Scientific research has concluded that sitting for more than 4 hours day periods, resulting in many diseases of the muscular and skeletal character of the spine, as well as blood circulation. Using conventional chairs at work is one of the major risk factors, and the use of the ergonomic chair is advised by specialists.

Chairs ergonomic aim at preventing diseases related to sedentary lifestyle, through a correct position of the spine and muscles, avoid taking wrong positions.
The results are freedom of movement and comfort as we work only as well as reducing muscle injuries, skeletal and circulatory.

Choosing the right chair is, therefore, a vital step in preventing health problems for people who work all the time sitting. Investing in an ergonomic chair is to invest in long-term health, as these seats are designed to offer maximum comfort and avoid bad posture. To choose the right chair to our needs must take into account several factors and let us advise by professionals.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an office chair or the best gaming chair is the type of activity for which it is used. There are many activities that a company made and depending on them we choose the most appropriate chair. If it is an administrative position where the computer is used intensively, we must choose a chair with a backrest and a mechanism that can support quality continued use. In a management position, there are other functions like receiving visitors, holding meetings ... In addition to comfort, the seat should provide representativeness. In the receiving stations often it requires standing most of the time so stool type seats are best in these cases.

Our body has been created to remain upright. Less tiring sitting than standing, and therefore uses the chair to work. However, the sitting position column overloads much more than the upright position, and thus causes more problems.
Unfortunately, a sedentary life is a silent enemy because the damage is not perceived as it occurs, but symptoms occur later, ie, when the damage is already done.

For these reasons ergonomics, it believes that correct seating is fundamental for our health prevention factor, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and adopting a dynamic and active style of life.

The ergonomics is the branch of engineering that studies the influence of working conditions on productivity. Hence it is applied to the design of products and equipment, primarily for the workplace, in order to maximize productivity by reducing fatigue, stress, and discomfort. Today, it is one of the fastest growing branches in the prevention of occupational hazards.

According to a recent study by The Herman Miller Group, the back pain is the most expensive problem for working adults health is the second leading cause of doctor visits and the third reason for surgery.

In this study, the behavior of 40 office employees analyzed, which passed 93% of their time sitting. As a result, 83% of employees experienced complications back 50 years, this being a problem too late to remedy. Most back problems are not due to falls but are the culmination of slow and steady damage over time from prolonged sedentary and unnatural position.

A healthy posture and ergonomic seat is very important for health and therefore for job performance. 85% of people who work sitting, suffering back problems for 50 years as sitting, day after day, we inflict a slow but steady damage that culminates in pain and back problems. Gravity plays against us being seated. Therefore, to sit all day, often writing at the computer, it can cause severe back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, constant headaches and other health-related problems.

Therefore ergonomic chair is the best way to prevent illnesses. An ergonomic chair is a tool that serves to enable people to make their work more productive, efficient and healthy way, and to feel better at the end of the workday.


1. The ergonomic chair makes the spine adopt a correct posture, ie:
Maintaining the natural position of our spine curves.
2. The digestive system no longer oppressed, so after eating digestions are optimized.
3. The position in the chair allows the diaphragm and lungs relax, so our breath is complete and thorough, resulting in a better cellular oxygenation.
4. Disappear muscle tension and pain disappear.

The weight of the body is no longer discharged onto the sacrum, but it does on the tripod formed by knees and pelvis. This causes the center of gravity of the spine to move backward, thus reducing stress on the waist and pelvis giving a more stable equilibrium.
Tilting the chair seat with cascading, relieves pressure on the blood vessels of the thighs, thus avoiding numbness in the legs, cold feet, and varicose veins.

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