A textile business is not just manufacturing garments from scratch and distributing it to the customers, it involves a lot more processes like warehousing, sales, quality assurance, inventory management, financial analysis, etc. Like any other business, it is humanly impractical to take care of all these manually, and that is where an ERP software plays a key role. It helps you run your business smoothly, systematically and error-free.

Let’s find out the benefits of having an ERP system installed for textile industries:

Supply chain management
The whole supply chain management process can be simplified and streamlined with the help of an equipped ERP system in place. You can have many processes automated using the software such as manufacturing and distribution. An efficient supply chain system can also save the business time and money, bringing in better profits and sales.

Increased Efficiency in Manufacturing
Managing raw materials is quite a challenge for a textile business. With ERP solutions, the raw materials can be gauged properly, the excess and insufficiency of the same can be accessed well, thereby ensuring that no material is wasted and the business doesn’t suffer due to mismanagement of raw materials.

Customer Database Management
For a growing business, you need to acquire new customers as well as retain the existing ones. Storing the customer information is crucial to keep engaging the customers and eventually build the brand stronger. Get an ERP system installed and have all the required details stored at one place, from where you can use them to build your brand.

Performance Scaling
One of the aspects that decide the profit of your textile business is how well you scale the performance. The sudden increase in demand, expansion of the business to various sectors of the market and enhancing the quality of the product are some of the parameters that can be assessed promptly with the assistance of an efficient ERP software designed for your business.

Maintain Customer Relationships
You can have a direct connect with your customers when the products demanded or ordered are shipped and delivered on time. Have an ERP support and ensure that the transactions are error-free, paving way to a healthy customer relationship.

Reduce Manual Effort
With an ERP solution in hand, you can automate many processes related to your business, reducing the manual effort and time, which in turn helps in saving the business cost.

From building a customised software solution to the customer to getting it integrated for better business results, Facts believes that each business is unique and each has its challenges. If you are curious to know more about the benefits of using an ERP system for your business, drop us a line at info@facts.ae so that we can connect to take your business forward.

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