Education is a vital tool to ensure bright future for us. It is essential to achieve anything in life. Higher education is vital for people to earn respect in social life and from family and a different recognition. Duration of education is very important part of life for everyone socially and personally. It provides a different standard to a person in life as well as feeling of overall well being. Education enables a person to solve any big problem in family, social, national and even international level. No one can overlook the importance of education in life in any way. It can turn our mind towards positivity in our life and it helps us remove all the negativity and mental problems.

It changes the perception of people by removing negative thoughts and bringing positivity in life. Our parents play a very vital role in turning our attention towards education since childhood. They try their level best to provide proper education by enrolling us at the best schools. It gives us an opportunity to gain skills and knowledge and expand our views to the world. We can enhance our general knowledge and skills by reading newspapers, watching educational programs on TV, reading good books etc.

Up to 25% of seats are reserved for nursery or class 1 in private schools for students whose parents fall under disadvantaged groups and economical weaker sections in Delhi. Check site for more info.

Public Delivery vs. Public Financing

According to the evidence of learning outcomes, the private delivery of education has been a lot better as compared to public delivery. In this fact, Section 12 is a subtle admission. There is a huge rise in demand for private school education underscored due to the fact that private share is rising by 1% every year. If a government could meet this demand, it would definitely be a good technique to meet the needs of electorate. It must go for further public financing and win-win opportunity to provide added choice to poor parents.

Affordable Education

The government subsidizes the actual amount of education in private schools or expenditure of each child notified by it, whichever is less. Most of the private schools are budget-friendly which charge much lower fees as compared to per-child expenditure notified. For example, Delhi government notifies per-child expenditure as Rs. 1190 per month while most of the private schools charge Rs. 200 to Rs. 600.

Cost Savings

The government has decided to overlook both the administrative machinery to manage schools and capital expenditure which is required to open a school while estimating the per-child expenditure. The recurring expenses are further categorized by several enrolled children to access the per-child expenses. Even though it has deflated the value of reimbursement, most of the private schools can still consider their capital expenses in the amount of reimbursement. Simply put, private schools manage their resources really well. Private schools would accept this great experiment of school choice wholeheartedly if they get just reimbursements on time.

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