Full mouth rehabilitation is a name given to a combination of different dental procedures that are done to improve the health and appearance of one’s smile. Every full mouth rehabilitation treatment process is completely unique and tailored according to individual needs, ensuring that the issues are solved.

Full mouth rehabilitation is also known as full mouth reconstruction or rejuvenation. It not only just helps in improving smiles but also helps in improving overall oral health.

Full mouth rehabilitation treatment has numerous benefits, some of them are:-

Improved oral health

Full mouth rehabilitation can solve several dental issues and contribute to improved oral health. It includes processes like Cavity fillings, Root canal therapy, tooth whitening, Dental bonding, Gum or bone grafting, and Gum contouring. Orthodontist Doctors in Udaipur say that full mouth rehabilitation improves overall oral health as it is a process where every small issue is taken into consideration and addressed by the experts.

Strong dental structure

Full mouth rehabilitation strengthens and improves the dental structure. It enhances the strength of the jaw bone and other joints. Full mouth rehabilitation improves the health of gums as they are responsible for holding your natural teeth in place.

Best Dentist in Udaipur advised full mouth rehabilitation for the patients who are dealing with an issue of temporomandibular joint or TMJ. This process includes various procedures which can improve the functioning of the joint giving patients a huge relief from the symptoms like muscle pain and headache which affects their everyday life.

Improved confidence

Dental Clinics in Udaipur witness thousands of patients every month who opt for full mouth rehabilitation to solve their dental issues and get their lost confidence back. Full mouth rehabilitation is a process that includes tooth Fillings, porcelain crowns, and other cosmetic dental treatment options that ensure a more functional, vibrant, and beauty enhancing results. It also includes other procedures like Jaw repositioning, Placement of dental implants and crown, orthodontic braces, bone and tissue grafting, and teeth cleaning and whitening which gives more natural-looking results and improved dental health giving a boost to confidence and self-esteem of the people.

Resolved gum diseases

Gum disease is a very common dental issue and anyone can suffer from it. But sometimes gum disease can get very chronic and common symptoms like sore, bleeding, or swollen gums can get worse. Full mouth rehabilitation is done to treat chronic gum diseases. The treatment may include root planning or lesser therapy.
A full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction can help prevent chronic periodontal disease which can cause serious issues if left untreated for very long.

Smile rejuvenation

Full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction can solve the majority of dental issues like bad or bleeding gums, mouth odour, crooked or broken teeth, discoloured teeth, etc. which affects one’s smile. When these issues are solved, your smile gets automatically rejuvenated.

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