Sure, it causes bad breath. The fact is garlic is among the most effective natural remedy that’s readily available from your local supermarket. Garlic has been used all over the world as food and medicine for millennia now. You can use it as an anti-fungal and also as an antibacterial. Furthermore, it has an antioxidant referred to as Allicin which is supposed to be the most effective antioxidant now available. We know that garlic is good for our wellbeing but we don't really know why or the way it works.

Here are a few of the amazing benefits of garlic. Research has shown that strokes as well as cardiovascular disease can be effectively prevented by garlic. In a study, those that used garlic are noticed to reduce their blood pressure level by as much as 5%. Five percent might not appear too much drop but that’s sufficient to help prevent heart disease and stroke.

Garlic is known for its antibacterial attributes. Yes, mass produced antibiotics can be useful against bacteria too. However, bacteria are recognized to have the ability to develop resistance against these types of antibiotics. This is simply not the case with garlic. It is claimed that the antibacterial qualities of garlic were discovered in the 19th century.

The thing is though we know that garlic has numerous amazing benefits, we don’t know why or how it works. The secret is hydrogen sulfide, according to some researchers who conducted a study on the effects of garlic just very recently. You most likely realize that hydrogen sulfide is toxic when inhaled in big amounts.

You have to keep in mind that our bodies in fact make hydrogen sulfide and it operates as an antioxidant. Hydrogen sulfide also sends signals that tell the blood vessels to relax. When the veins are relaxed, more blood may flow. This is probably the key reason why garlic may help prevent different types of cancers. Hydrogen sulfide can also help prevent damage to the heart in rodents.

Most Americans don't consume ample garlic to actually benefit from its healthy qualities. Most people in countries including Italy, South Korea and China eat about twelve cloves of garlic regularly. You can eat more fresh garlic too if you include garlic in the foods that you cook.

There's a website about natural cures that features an important post concerning the many benefits of garlic. The post claims that it is better to use garlic together with other herbs including peppers and also onions. It is ideal mixed with veggies.

An excessive amount of garlic could cause indigestion. But most people are concerned about garlic breath. And that's not all; the garlic smell may even flow through your skin even if it has been hours since you ate it. Garlic capsules can solve the problem of stinky breath however it won't prevent the garlic smell on your skin if you consume too much of it. Or just do not eat a lot to avoid smelling like garlic. Keep enlightened and stay healthy.

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