Advancements in technology have rapidly changed our lifestyles and have made life more convenient. Now we can stay free of a lot of worries and keep ourselves organized. One of the features that can ensure such conveniences for homeowners is geofencing.

By configuring your smart home security and automation equipment with a smart geofence, you can allow your home to know when you enter or leave the premises, where after it can adjust the home security and automation settings accordingly.

For the understanding of the common folk, a geofence is a virtual boundary formed by a global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. By detecting your arrival or departure, the geofence can enable your smart home security and automation system to turn on or off various appliances and lock or unlock the doors by itself.

The incredible utility of this feature has resulted in numerous home and business owners setting up geofences in and around their properties to go with their smart security and automation systems. Let us go over the benefits of this incredible technology one by one:

  • Smart Thermostat Configuration:
  • This is perhaps the best and most important facility that geofencing offers, especially in a harsh climate. Nothing beats the feeling of coming back to a cozy home after a long and hectic day at work on an intensely cold or hot day. When configured with the geofencing, a smart thermostat can go on or off by sensing your departure or arrival, which not only keeps the home nice and comfy, but also helps save a lot of energy.

  • Smart Light Bulb and Power-Socket Configuration:
  • Careless use of power can get you slapped with a huge electricity bill at the end of the month. However, if you configure your home automation equipment such as smart light bulbs and smart power sockets with the geofence, your appliance will turn on or off automatically when you leave or arrive at your home, which can save you a lot of money on power expenses.

  • Smart Door Lock Configuration:
  • There’s going to be days when you might be in a hurry to get somewhere but would forget to lock the doors on your way out. That’s a big problem if you don’t have a smart home security system backed by geofencing. With the smart door locks configured with a geofence, they would lock or unlock automatically once the virtual fence around your home detects your presence or absence.

  • Keeping Track of Loved Ones:
  • Letting your children or your pets out to play can be a worrying affair but it is also somewhat of a necessity. There could be an instance whereby someone or something might catch their intrigue and prompt them to wander off where they’re not supposed to. The geofence can notify the homeowners when something of such nature happens and allow them to take action in a timely manner.

And there you have it! These are just some of the most pertinent reasons why you’d want to consider geofencing to go with your home automation system. We are all susceptible to making a few errors or leaving things unattended every now and then when it comes to ensuring the safety of our home. With a smart geofence as your intelligent assistant for home security, you would be able to go about your daily routine with a lot less stress about your home security. So get in touch with Perfect home Defense and get a complete smart home security and automation system with geofencing now.

Good Luck!

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No need to worry about checking every lock or every light-switch everytime you’re about to leave home. Smart geofencing will take care of it all for you.