What is Giloy (Amrita, Guduchi)?

    In Ayurveda, Giloy is considered among the important, useful and best medicinal plants. In the ten drugs, giloy is such a important and potent medicinal plant that in Ayurvedic literature, 'Bhav Prakash Nighantu', herbs are classified under its name "Guduchiyadi Varg". On the basis of its properties, it has been given many names in Sanskrit language such as Madhuparni, Amrita,  Amritvalarri, Kundli, Chakra Lakshnika, Chinnha, Vatsadani, Somvalli, Jeevanti, Rasayani, Tantrika etc.

Morphological Characteristics

  • Giloy is not in the form of any plant or tree but it grows in the form of a creeper which is very long and persists for years which climbs and grows with the support of a tree. The one which climbs and grows on neem tree is known as 'Neem Giloy'. Neem Giloy is considered as the best medicinal plant. Its leaves are heart shaped having long stalks.
  • The flowers are yellow in colour and grow in clusters. Its fruits are red in colour and also grow in clusters. Its root and stem are used for medicinal purposes. It undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion, therefore increases strength and age.
  • Although it is hot in potency but vitiates Pitta dosha. It has rejuvenating property therefore nourishes all the body tissues and gives strength to the body. Giloy is considered as a best remedy for all types of fevers. It has a bitter taste.

Names of Giloy in different languages:

  • Sanskrit: Guduchi
  • Hindi: Giloy
  • Marathi: Gulvel
  • Gujarati: Glo
  • Bangla: Gulanch
  • Punjabi: Gilo
  • Goa: Amritbael
  • English: Tinospora
  • Botanical Name: Tinospora cordifolia

Medicinal Properties of Giloy:

  • Rasa (Taste): Pungent, Astringent and Bitter
  • Undergoes sweet taste conversion after digestion.
  • Rejuvenative in nature
  • Light
  • Strength promoting
  • Increases digestive power
  • Balances all the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  • Useful in thirst, burning sensation, diabetes, cough, anemia, jaundice, gout, skin disorders, fever, worm infestation etc.

Intake and Dosage

  • Take half teaspoon of its powder with plain water or its decoction can be prepared.
  • Half cup fresh juice of giloy is also beneficial.
  • Take 1/2 gram giloy satv with plain water in the morning and evening.

Medicinal benefits of Giloy are

  • For fever, chronic fever,  typhoid and balancing all the three doshas, giloy is considered best among all. As far as possible, giloy's fresh stem should be cut and used. If it is to be stored then it should be dried at the end of summer or before the onset of the rainy season. The bark of its stem should be removed and cut down into pieces. It should be stored in the form of pieces or powde.
  • Giloy can be used by any person suffering from any disorder irrespective of age or season.
  • It's usage is done in the form of powder, satv, decoction as an auxiliary medicine. It is used in combination and used as a single drug very rare.
  • As the food is important for a hungry person, in the same way, giloy is beneficial and necessary for a child, old, young or pregnant woman.
  • The main property of giloy is to balance all three doshas and body tissues.
  • It's use proved to be very beneficial for acidity. A healthy person can also consume giloy.

What are the health benefits of Giloy?

1.Benefits of Giloy for the Digestive System

Now a days, it is very difficult to follow the dietary rules which have resulted in an increased number of patients suffering from abdominal disorders.

  • For example, low digestive fire leads to digestion disorders such as anorexia, constipation, acidity, gastritis, weakness, exhaustion, breathlessness etc.
  • With the use of giloy, appetite increases, food begins to digest properly, blood gets purified and there is an increase in red blood corpuscles (RBCs) which results an increase in strength of the body.
  • It regulates the bile secretion in the body which results in the decreased  heaviness in liver's bile duct carrier tubethat helps in balancing of Pitta dosha and there is a relief in indigestion, dysentery, and hyperacidity. For the removal of all these disorders, consumption of giloy is very beneficial and the digestive system remains healthy.

2.Benefits of Giloy in Skin Diseases:

  • Giloy is considered as the main herb for the treatment of skin diseases. It's intake is beneficial in burning sensation in the skin, itching, eczema, ringworm, gout etc.

3.Benefits of Giloy in Rheumatoid Arthritis:

  • To get relief, take a piece of giloy approximately 10 gram in size, grind it with milk and then filter it. Taking this mixture in the morning and evening and following a proper diet regimen is very useful in the condition of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Boil half spoon of giloy powder and half spoon of powdered dried ginger in two cups of water till the water remains half cup, cool the mixture and then filter it. Drinking this decoction in the morning and evening by adding 2 spoons of castor oil is very beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis.

4.Benefits of Giloy in Indigestion and Breathing Troubles:

  • The vitiation of Pitta dosha leads to hyperacidity which has  symptoms such as acid reflux. Sometimes, acid reflux leads to breathing problems as well.
  • For treating this disorder, take 1-1 gram giloy satv and karpadik bhasam, half teaspoon powdered black pepper. Mix all these ingredients in desi ghee and make a paste.
  • Take this mixture in the morning, afternoon and evening, thrice a day. This remedy gives relief in both these disorders.

5.Benefits of Giloy in Physical Weakness:

  • When a patient recovers from severe fever, his body becomes too weak and digestion power also gets weakened. The body gets lean and he loses interest in all activities.
  • In this condition, take half gram giloy satv mixed with a powdered tablet of Swaran Malini Vasant. Take this mixture in morning and evening with honey. It increases the digestion power in a very short time, eliminates physical impairment and gives strength to the body.

6.Benefits of Giloy in Different types of fevers:

  • For any type of fever, take 1 gm giloy satv or giloy powder with half spoon honey in the morning and evening.

7. Benefits of Giloy in Headache:

  • In migraine, take 8 gm giloy satv with 1 gm. mukta pishti and grind them to make a fine paste.
  • Make 8 sachets of the same quantity and take 1 sachet with milk mixed with sugar candy before sunrise in the morning.
  • In afternoon and night, take 1 gm. giloy satv mixed with honey.

8.Benefits of Giloy in Diabetes:

  • Diabetes is spreading at a rapid rate. The reason for this is an irregular diet which has adverse effects on the liver and pancreas as well.
  • The functioning of these organs getdistorted and the amount of sugar in the blood increases which results in diabetes.
  • In addition to taking precautions in diet, take 4 spoons of fresh giloy juice and 3 gm. pashanbhed churna with milk in the morning and evening for better results.

9. Benefits of Giloy in Eye disorders:

  • Take 100-100 grams of amla, harad and bahera and grind them but do not make a fine paste. Take 2 spoons of this mixture and boil in 2 cups of water. When half cup water remains, then filter this mixture and cool it.
  • Taking this mixture in the morning and evening by adding 2 spoons of honey and half spoon of powder of peepal leaves helps in increasing eye sight.

10.Benefits of Giloy in Hiccups

  • Take 10-10 gm of powder of giloy and ginger and boil them in a glass of water.
  • Cool it and filter the mixture.
  • Taking 1 cup of this mixture with 1 cup cold milk in the morning and evening provides relief in hiccup.

11.Benefits of Giloy in Fever

  • Females who suffer from uterine bleeding due to vitiation of Pitta dosha, take 4 spoons of giloy juice mixed with 2 spoons of honey in the morning and evening.
  • In addition to it, take 1 gram giloy satv and a pinch of trivang bhasam with honey twice a day.

12.Benefits of Giloy in Vata dosha:

  • Due to the vitiation of Vata dosha, there are disorders such as gastritis, headache, pain in joints etc.
  • For all these disorders, take 1 spoon each of giloy, root of castor, devdaru, rasna and harad. Mix all these ingredients in 2 cups of water and make the decoction. When water remains to half cup, then filter and cool it. Drink it in the morning and evening by cooling it.

13.Benefits of Giloy in burning sensation under feet:

  • Take giloy and seeds of castor in equal quantities and grind them with curd apply this mixture on the soles of feet for 1 hour and then wash it.

14. Giloy has immuno-modulating properties due to which it is useful in chronic fever, skin diseases, gout, diabetes, worm infestation, low digestive fire etc.

  • In skin diseases and rheumatoid arthritis, take 10 gm fresh paste of giloy, 10 gm anantmool powder and boil them in 100 ml water. Keep this mixture in the container for 2 hours and then filter and drink it.

Best Ayurvedic formulations of Giloy:

1.Giloy's Syrup

    Take 4 spoons of giloy's syrup mixed with half cup plain water in the morning and evening. This syrup is useful in fever, balances Pitta dosha, useful in burning sensation and irritation in the eyes, chest, stomach and urine.

2.Giloy Ark

  • Take 50 ml giloy ark mixed with 50 ml water in the morning and evening. This ark is beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, blood disorders due to Pitta origin, diabetes etc.

3. Amritarisht:

Giloy is also known as 'Amrita' therefore this combination is known as amritarisht. After the intake of food, take 3-4 spoons of amritarisht mixed in half cup water.

  • This medicine is useful in chronic fever, fever due to liver and spleen disorders etc.
  • This can be taken up to 1-2 months.

4.Amritadi Guggul:

  • Take 2-2 tablets with warm water in the afternoon and evening.
  • These tablets are useful in gout, hemorrhoids, low digestion strength, rheumatoid arthritis, piles, diabetes, blood disorders, vitiated Vata dosha, constipation etc.

5.Guduchiyadi Oil:

  • Massaging with guduchiyadi oil helps in the treatment of gout (osteoarthritis), skin disorders, profuse sweating, itching, herpes, burning sensation etc.

6.Guduchyadi Kwath:

  • The meaning of kwath means decoction.
  • Taking 2 spoons of guduchyadi kwath mixed with water 3-4 times a day helps in the treatment of all types of fever, burning sensation, nausea, recurring fever etc.

7.Sanshamni Vati:

The main ingredient of this tablet is giloy.

  • This tablet is useful in chronic fever, shin bone fever, anemia, tuberculosis, cough, leucorrhoea, wasting of tissues, weakness etc. and gives strength to the body.
  • This tablet is safe for children and pregnant females.

Side Effects of Giloy:

  • Giloy should be taken under medical supervision only.
  • Giloy can lower down the blood sugar levels.
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