Customer service is an indirect marketing tool that can be very effective if used properly because the success of companies depends largely on the ability to attract customers and maintain them. Customer service is performed by each person who works in a company and has the opportunity to achieve customer satisfaction, it is closely linked to the greater or lesser capacity of companies to generate profitability and quality. Maintaining high levels of quality in customer service outsourcing generates the following benefits for companies.

Customer Support

1- Greater consumer loyalty

Users who have had the experience of receiving excellent treatment during the customer service provided by the company, are usually satisfied, with a high probability of re-consuming and recommending the products or services to other people, highlighting that their expectations about the Company have been surpassed.

2- Greater profitability and sales

To be able to set prices higher than the competition, it is necessary to offer high-quality services and products, in this way the customer will look more at the product, assuming that the price is well worth it. Any added value increases the profitability of the product and good customer service directly intervenes in the final price of the product.

3- More individual sales

Customers who receive excellent customer service and who feel satisfied usually buy more of the same products and services, resulting in a high level of individual sales for each user, and thus generating more commercial traffic.

4- Willingness to buy

The attention given to each client separately will be reflected in their way of consuming, because a satisfied customer, will be interested in knowing the rest of products or services offered by the company and make the acquisition of them.

5- Indirect clients

Many times companies invest a lot in complex marketing strategies to attract more customers, however, a satisfied customer is indirectly a potential seller through word-of-mouth communication, satisfied customer references, good personal experience in the acquisition of services, etc.

6- Lower expenses

The exorbitant expenses in advertising and sales promotion activities that companies carry out every year are often caused by the low quality that companies offer when offering customer service, this is done to replenish customers who continuously lose. Given this, it is necessary that businesses focus more on meeting the needs of consumers.

7- Acceptance and trust

If companies carry out good customer service management, consumer acceptance and trust rates will increase, significantly reducing complaints and claims that may arise, which means less dedicated resources after the sale of the service.

8- Better image

The way in which the company treats its customers in a positive way, is the image that it will project for other prospects of clients, this implies being in the top ranking of the companies that provide better service and the reputation of the same will have transcendental effects.

9- Stand out from the competition

To stand out from the competition, it is necessary for companies to work hard to maintain a close relationship with the customer, this is achieved by offering quality products that meet the demands and needs of customers. Although they are products and services similar to those of competitors, customers perceive them as different and even as unique.

10- Better work climate

In a company where the weather is favorable for employees, they will undoubtedly project an image of harmony and trust, which invites customers to have dealings with the business. In the same way, if there is less staff turnover, the pride of belonging to the organization is generated.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.