Graviola Max is herbal supplement formulated from the leaf and stem of the Graviola Plant. The plant belongs to the Annonaceae family and this family of plants produces a novel set of phytochemicals called Annonaceous Acetogenins which are known for there powerful anticancer and antitumor characteristics. Graviola Max is formulated by combining two species from this family Annona Muricata and Annona Montana. These two species contain the most powerful and large number of unique acetogenins. Researches claim that some of these acetogenins are tens of thousands of times more potent than the chemotherapy drugs that are currently used.

There are numerous benefits of Graviola-Max. Traditionally the leaves, bark, stem, roots and seeds of the Graviola plant were used of various medicinal purposes. The plant extracts present in this herbal supplement guarantee to provide all the health benefits attributed to the Graviola Plant. The top benefit obviously being its anticancer characteristics. The acetogenins present in the supplement have known affinity to cancer cells and do not harm the normal healthy cells of the body at all. They simply target the cancer cells and inhibit the enzymatic processes taking place in the membranes of these cells eventually killing them without any side effects. The acetogenins are known to be affective against breast cancer, lung cancer, prostrate cancer, pancreatic cancer and skin cancer etc. The acetogenins are also very potent against tumors and can vigilantly find the tumors formed as a result of MDR or multi-drug resistance, a phenomenon caused by chemotherapy. They simply kill the tumor and cancer cells by inhibiting the flow of ATP to them eventually killing the cell.
Although a specific pharmaceutical drug containing these acetogenins has not been formulated and there has been no clinical trial yet, doctors prescribe Graviola supplements to their patients and thousands have benefitted from them.

The supplement also has many other health benefits. It is successfully used for killing bacteria and parasites, lowering blood pressure and reducing heart rate, dilates blood vessels and thus acts as an excellent tonic for the heart. It also aids digestion and relieves symptoms of diarrhea and dysentery. It kills viruses and is eliminates worms and parasites along with fighting infections. The supplement is also known to reduce spasms and convulsions and is good for the nervous system. It is a good antidepressant and anti-anxiety supplement also. Traditionally it was also used for malaria, edema, heart burn, palpitation, difficult child birth and various skin allergies. The oil of its leaves was used externally for arthritis and rheumatism.

It is clear that the Graviola Plant possesses numerous extremely useful characteristics and the essence of these has been captured in Graviola Max with utmost care and expertise to ensure the 100 % purity. Today this herbal supplement is a ray of hope for thousands of people around the globe and cancer might not sound as terminal or dangerous as it sounded several decades ago. Along with fighting cancer the supplement ensures that the general health of its consumers improves and they lead a much healthier life.

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