With a bit of nature you do yourself a lot of fun. You do not need much to make you feel better. As if you only have to swallow an innocent pill every day, and you'll feel better in your skin. It sounds almost too beautiful to be true, yet it's really so simple. Here are the advantages in a row.

The science

Scientists agree that we get physical, mental and emotional benefits from contact with nature. Below you will find out why and how you get more energy, sit in your skin, concentrate more, get more rest, have more fun, discover your natural rhythm, and become aware of your own strength. Green life is possible for everyone, even if you're busy. These are minor changes and some of the benefits of a green lifestyle that make you feel good very much.

Get Fit with new energy

More energy means that you will feel good and physically fit. For example, if you are eating pure and of course, you feel better. You're up in the morning. Looking at green colors, we can already feel a new energy. It is actually very simple. If you go for a walk, of course, your fatigue disappears without medication.

Contact with nature has more physical benefits: Our blood pressure and heart rate decrease faster when we are in contact with nature. And patients in hospitals experience less pain in contact with nature. Nature as a medicine to make you feel fit physically or mentally.

Delicious in your skin
Green lifestyle has a great beneficial effect on how we feel. We feel happier, it is even measurable to the neurotransmitter serotonin in our brains and intestines. But our Mother Earth also causes us to experience less negative feelings like fear and anger. People with depressed feelings even benefit from the green lifestyle. Somberness and depression are significantly less in nature therapy.

Better focus and concentration

We can hold our attention longer in a more green environment, and we'll be quicker to find solutions when we first walked outside. Also, if you need to make a test, you better score and make the test faster when you first went outside or watched nature photos.

It has all been proven with research and there is no doubt about it. Our mental performance is significantly better if we have contact or have had nature. So keep in mind if you get stuck with a tricky job.

More peace and time for yourself
All or not, everyone has experienced it already. A walk through the woods, green or across the beach creates a sense of calm. It's so logical and so easy to do more often. The color green is not only for energy but also for balance and harmony. The cortisol stress hormone drops faster when we are outside than when we read a magazine. Do you know that we have a natural tendency to look green when we feel stressed? We know intuitively that it helps us.

More fun and satisfaction

Once you start living a green lifestyle, you get a lot of fun and satisfaction. That starts with very simple things. Sit faster in your garden and feel the sun on your skin. What more often you wear shoes and walk barefoot. Once upon a time, look at a natural documentary instead of something else. Or walk on a sultry summer evening with your sweetheart.

And have you ever sown something? Then you remember the feeling of excitement and joy when seeing the first plant that came up. That sense of happiness and satisfaction brings you to a lot of other green activities.

Awareness of your own strength

With nature, you can get to know your nature better. You develop more compassion for yourself and become more social to yourself and your environment. You reconcile yourself with the life you lead and better deal with setbacks. Science has also taken this advantage for your health.
Children become more resilient when they play in nature. They discover what real dangers can be considered. They get more in touch with their own strength and feelings. And that also applies to adults. On survival or during a long walk you will experience difficult situations. And you know what's so beautiful? Nature keeps you a mirror without judging. It's always good as it is.

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Misty Jhones