Go back in time. All of us had that one friend in our college group who used to be the savior whenever we had to arrange a picnic hotel in short notice. Or arrange a car for a trip or making arrangements for a birthday celebration. Again then, we had one uncle who used to be the sole organizer of a family function or a wedding. From arranging a car/ bus to hiring the caterers or looking after the weirdest of the guests' demands, he could manage them all with ease. With vast diversified connections to the last minute savior, these people are best at what they do. And they do an informal kind of concierge services for free of cost.

Concierge services: Concierge is basically a term used in hospitality services. In a hotel, a guest is being assisted by a serviceman who looks after all their requirements. From booking a car to arranging for a spa or booking the flight tickets, this person does it all for a fee. The same concierge services have now taken a formal service in companies.

Corporate concierge services: In the corporate, there are many allied tasks which are not the core function of a company. For example, An investment bank does banking but there are different tasks like booking hotels or conference rooms for a meeting or arranging for an office party or hire a repairman or arrange a temporary employee. Such corporate concierge tasks are not the core functions and affect the functionality of the core business. To avoid this, the company hires concierge services by a private concierge services firm or an individual or provides those services.

Benefits: The concierge services Belgium is a very important service to businesses which benefits in numerous ways. It provides an expert service to the company. The company is expert in its core business, but maybe not at such allied functions. This gap is fulfilled by concierge services. Also, the time taken to complete that task reduces considerably when done by an expert. It can provide or do anything at very short notice. The errors will be minimal and there is no wastage or loss of money as they know what is the price of a product or service in the market. It reduces the stress on the company's employees and keeps them aligned with the core business functionalities. This automatically increases the focus on the main business and also provides more time to core business operations. Also, the companies receives discounts or are charged less money since the concierge serviceman has strong connections in the market and can negotiate better for a conference room or booking a hotel room at a discounted fee.

To say the least, corporate concierge services have really changed the way how non core tasks of the corporation are being managed.

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