Triathlon competition are hard and sometimes the hardest part is the training that comes before the race. To have the best performance possible you need a strict training plan that will help you remove your weaknesses and build more strength. Doing it alone is possible but having a triathlon coach can be a greater help for several reasons.

  • Support

Any athletes can sometimes have a rough time. They might need someone either to get an advice or to have a shoulder to cry on or to have any general chat. In these types of moments, having a triathlon coach is a given and can be highly appreciated. Support can come from friends and family but having someone who knows what your going through feels even better.   

  • Accountability

In order to be physically and mentally prepared for triathlon, one needs to be rigorous and to have a proper training schedule. Building your own triathlon training plan can be hard and it takes a lot of time to put everything in place. By having a coach you will have someone to be accountable to rigorously and meticulously train every day.

  • Strategic and tactical input

With triathlon coaching, your coach will be able to analyze previous races that you took part in and determine your weaknesses. From there, a coach will help you work on these weaknesses to improve then thus enhancing your level. Moreover, a coach will be able to develop a race strategy based on what he/she saw in order to improve your performance.

  • Improve physical ability

A professional in triathlon coaching will offer you knowledge of training methods and sessions that will help you raise your performance level. With appropriate training method, your physical weaknesses can disappear and you will be able to do better on the next race. A triathlon coach will provide you with appropriate sessions according to your personal goals.

  • Improve technique

By raising your level of technique whether in swimming, cycling or running, you will be able to have a better performance and gain time on your performance. Developing a good technique for each activity is primordial in order to get better. A coach will support you with that knowledge and will fill up the gap of your current technique to help you rise yourself and get better results in a race.

  • Provide objectivity

As an athlete, you can always find time to watch your performances in previous races. By doing so, you can be able to pinpoint issues that you had during the race and that you need to change for the next one. However, it is sometimes difficult to be objective while looking at yourself. With triathlon coaching, you will have the advice of another person who will be objective towards your situation.

  • Optimize available time

While preparing for a triathlon competition, you might sometimes have limited time to train. As such, you need to be extremely efficient and rigorous whenever you allow yourself to train. A coach will help you find a balance between training hours and your everyday life. As such, you will be able to efficiently train and still have time for your family or to jut rest if needed.

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This article penned by Lora Davis