Nowadays, wherever you go, either at a supermarket, in a restaurant, in a fast food, or outside on the streets, you will always find a person on his/her cell phone, even the drivers on the cars passing by. We are a very talkative nation, and we love our cell phones.

I remember when mobile phones first came out. I had a friend back then, and the two of us had one each. Now outdated, the phones during that time were bulky. Wherever we went, our phones tagged along. We are guilty though of using them while we were behind our wheels. We just used it regardless of what else we were doing. Having those phones at that time made us feel hip! Did you notice how the cell phones look right now? They have certainly come a long way since that bulky, heavy bag phone, and they do just about everything except windows! Our cell phones are a part of us, there's no way it's ever going to leave our side. Cell phones have been a big help for us women especially at these times have become unsafe for us to be anywhere in the city with no companion.

You simply cannot drive safely if you are driving with one hand on the wheel holding your cell phone with the other. It's a risk that is not even necessary and can be avoided. As what the researchers at the University of Utah learned, it is the same as drunk driving. Cell phone use impairs one's mind, hand, and eyes while on the road. We do not support cell phone use while on the wheels. There are states even that plan to prohibit the use of cell phones while driving, no exceptions. People are going to use their cell phones in the car until it is outlawed, but at least the use of hand's free devices offer a safer alternative than taking both hands off the wheel. The California Senate Bill 1613 became effective last July 1, 2008. It states that talking on the cell phone while behind the wheel is against the law unless a hands free device is used. It now made phone usage without a hand's free device unlawful when on the wheels.

The Blue Tooth Headset that my husband have right now makes him very happy because it's been very handy for him while he's typing away in his computer all day. When my husband is dealing with a client about problems with his/her computer, he can be able to assist him/her through the computer as well as use his Blue Tooth Headset device at the same time that could take long hours. Typing and at the same time handling your phone is not easy when there is no device to assist you on that. Even if it's placed in between the neck and shoulder, the neck will experience cramps. Now, it's impossible to separate my husband from the hand's free device that I acquired for him several years ago.

If you cradle a phone, or cell phone between your neck and shoulders, you are creating a position that compresses the nerves in the neck and shoulders. A person who does this frequently have headaches. It will generally start from aching arms, hands, neck and shoulders. A hand's free device is a good way to go, so that you won't have to suffer headaches and body pains. You can have yourself a Blue Tooth Headset. It's comfy, uncomplicated. It's wireless and produces good quality sound. There's a brand that presents various choices - in styles and shapes - depending on what fits you. It's Motorola. It has a speaker phone that you can fasten on your car's sun visor. In California, you can drive and still talk on the speakerphone with this one. You can forego wearing the wireless headset and you won't be penalized.

So, remember, obey all rules of the road, and for heaven's sake practice safe driving, and if you are going to talk on the phone, use a hand's free device.

To be sure that you remain safe even on the streets, it really is essential for you to buy bluetooth car accessories. At, you'll locate a lot of bluetooth car accessories.

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To be sure that you remain safe even on the streets, it really is essential for you to buy bluetooth car accessories. At, you'll locate a lot of bluetooth car accessories.