As inferred by the name, flat rate moving companies in Florida conduct your move for a prearranged fee. The counterpart of flat-rate moving is labeled as ‘per hour’ service. While in both services professional movers carry out the move is the best way possible, the difference only lies in the way the moving fee is charged.

Prior to choosing a moving service, you should always obtain moving company quotes from a few more moving companies in Florida. They will help you learn the moving charges which are determined by certain details of the move. The dimensions of your home and how many items must be moved will be the primary consideration, as they have the main impact on the amount of work involved with the move. The bigger the number of possessions that need to be moved, the greater the length of time it will take for each to be boxed. Also, more money must then be spent on packaging materials and it will also take longer for the movers to load them to their trucks. Transport times will be larger, along with the time necessary for unpacking.

The obvious benefit to a flat rate moving service is that the bill is determined before the move takes place. This is generally guaranteed to be the total fee for the move from start to finish and means that the customer does not face any unexpected costs. There should be no surprise expenses when the move is completed, which can arise when ‘per hour’ services are used.

Another issue that must be considered while hiring flat rate moving companies in Florida is that they calculate the price quote based on the distance they will have to travel between current home and destination. The greater the distance between them, the greater the travel time and of course the more will be the man-hours. Also, if the movers have to repeat the journey frequently, then per hour moving service will probably cost you more than flat-rate services.

However, there are some cons to flat-rate services also. Flat rate moving companies in Florida operate to a business plan, that ultimately wishes to make a profit. If they were to price their jobs imagining a hassle-free move with no holdups, then there is a good chance that the move will end up costing them money if anything does go wrong. This is why it is understandable that flat rate moving companies charge extra in lieu of any unexpected problems that might occur during the move in their quote. This protects the movers against potential problems and gives them some certainty that they will not lose money instead of earning it. So when the move runs smoothly, the customer usually has to pay a larger fee using flat rate movers than what they would they were utilizing a ‘per hour’ service.

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