In the present time, the demand for solar panels has increased and if you are looking to install a solar panel in Adelaide then Deionno Electrical is the right choice for you. We are proudly serving South Australia from 2017. We have experienced and skilled professionals that are trained in installing solar panels. Our installer works for both residential and commercial properties. All our solar panels are of superior quality and performance.

You have plenty of sunshine hours every year in South Australia so it is better to install the solar panels so get the energy. It will help you in saving your energy cost. You will find a sound investment with us. We offer a hassle-free installation service. You will get a CEC accredited technician to complete the project.

Our professionals offer leading solar products and services in Adelaide and across Australia. We maintain a good relationship with our clients by delivering quality and reliable service. All of our professionals are friendly and understand the needs of the client and deliver the best service. We are the Best Solar Company in Adelaide. We offer fast quotes for our services. Our solar power services are budget-friendly. You will get industry-leading warranties on our products and services.

Why Solar Energy?


We all are familiar that solar energy is a renewable source of energy. This energy is available with us every day and without any trouble. This energy is available to us until the sun is with us. The solar panel saves the environment and provides energy. It helps in fighting with greenhouse gas emissions.


We will get the power from the natural source thus the solar panel helps in saving the money. You have to pay only one time for the installation and other procedures of the solar panels. And within a few years, you will be able to get that amount from your solar panel.


The solar panel can be utilized for differing purposes. You can create power (photovoltaics) from it. It can be utilized to create power in zones without using any energy grid. With it, energy can be generated in areas that are short with fresh water.


Your solar panel does not require much maintenance. You don't need to spend much on its maintenance. You simply need to keep it clean that doesn't need a very remarkable expense. Also with natural rainwater, it gets cleaned. Its inverter should be changed following 5 to 10 years with the goal of good performance and that won't cost you much.

Factors to be Considered Before Installing the Solar Panel

The appealing advantages of solar panels are numerous such as reducing carbon footprint, improving home's value, saving money on the utility bill, and many more. But certain factors have to be looked at before installing the solar panel.

. Condition of roof, material, and layout

An incredible aspect concerning solar panels is their solidness. Most frameworks can most remain for thirty years or more. Your rooftop should be in phenomenal condition before introducing panels. It tends to be risky and expensive to remove and reinstall panels to maintain rooftop, so fix any harm or supplant the rooftop by and large, if necessary before introducing your solar panel.

. Location of your home

A large amount of sun gleams on your solar panel means the more power they'll produce. On the off chance that you live in the South or Southwest, you have the best chance to deliver power. On the off chance that you live further north, in New England or the Pacific Northwest, you'll produce significantly less power. So consider the location of your home before installing the solar panel.

. Type of panel

Different types of panels are available and you have to select the right one. The traditional and roof-mounted panels are the most popular choice of most of the homeowners. These panels can be installed easily anywhere. Another choice is to mount your panel with a tracker, which moves boards to follow the sun. As this mount enables your panel to follow the way of the sun, your exhibit can create more force.

. Rebate Eligibility

Discounts and tax credits can impressively decrease the expense of your solar panel establishment. However, you might be needed to buy from a specific organization or complete desk work inside a set measure of time. Survey your state and government alternatives in advance so you have a superior thought of the amount you can spare.

**Why visit Deionno Electrical?**

Proudly Australian

The Deionno Electrical is proudly Australian and has a reliable name in solar & electrical services in South Australia. We began our service in the year 2017 and have a number of satisfied customers.

Customer Support

We are available here to solve all your queries. You will get all information with our first point of contact on 0417 735 636.

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We offer the highest quality solar panel solutions for all types of residential and commercial properties at most competitive prices.

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Depending upon the situation, area, and requirements, our solar panel installers offer customized service that is best suitable.

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All our solar power Adelaide installers are skilled and experienced. You will get a reliable and trustable service from our end.

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Deionno Electrical is a leading supplier of solar services and has the tools and experience to complete every job to the highest standard. While many consumers link solar with pressure selling and cheap materials, founder Joe Deionno made it his mission to fill the industry void. If you’re looking for solar energy Adelaide, Then Deionno Electrical is the best choice or you. Our personalized service is simply unrivaled in the electrical and solar industry. For more call @ 0417 735 636 and visit our website online.