One of the essential things that traditional training practice lacks is interactive learning. In traditional training, the trainer talks about the new strategies & developments and the way employees need to work in order to fulfill organizational goals on time. The employees are given tests and assignments to check if they have understood the training module properly. Later, evaluation of these assignments is done and results are shown to the trainees. The process is lengthy and learning outcome is less. Moreover, it hampers the productivity of the employees, as they need to take a break from their work in order to attend the training session.

The fact that internet has replaced conventional ways of operations in an organization cannot be overlooked. In the similar way internet has transformed the training process into a collaborative and interactive session. In interactive learning, the participants exchange views and ideas, which helps them to understand the concepts easily. The web based learning methodology is not time bound and is beyond geographical barriers. An employee seated in a remote location can be trained simultaneously with the employees seated in the conference room. Additionally, interactive tools like audio-visuals, graphics, and games have added the fun element into boring training session.

In order to make the learning process interactive, the service providers of online training modules have integrated these with social networking sites, games and mobile applications. The mobile learning is a boon for the on-the-go trainees. With the increasing popularity of smart phones, the reach and scope of learning has taken a leap forward. For mobiles, content development is done in such a manner that it can be accessed with different mobile platforms RIM, windows and android. Rich multimedia, effective audio-visuals and graphics enhance the user engagement and impart effective training. The popularity of mobile applications has drawn many organizations to develop mobile compatible e-learning programs.

Another type of learning is via games popularly known as game based learning. This type of learning is widely used in induction training, sales training, soft skills training and products & services training. In game based learning, the learning content is integrated with games, which could be single or multiplayer. With each passing level, the trainee learns a new thing, which is a part of the training process. The game based learning does not only relate to games, it could be story telling or situational games as well. One can access the game based training content with the mobiles as well.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management.His expertise includes mobile learning, game based learning and other Learning & Development matters.