So what is it that a loft apartment has that a normal Apartment doesn’t? The main difference is the Open layout and Construction technique. The Loft apartments have less wall division and have more of an open plan Design. Your living, sleeping and Dining areas are usually amorphous and incorporating all the functions together at the same time. Most of the Loft apartments have no walls at all.Loft apartments are usually made in Old War houses and Industrial Buildings which are no longer used for the primary function. These are re-designed and Re-modeled to make living spaces. The Loft apartments usually have high ceilings varying from 10-15 feet in height primarily because they are located in the upper part of the building. They usually have pitched roofs if made in houses. Having High roof is Very beneficial as it presents you with the opportunity of having ample natural Light and Absolutely Breath Taking views of the surroundings.

Loft Apartments have really good Interior Brick Work done and Good wooden flooring because of the fact that the buildings in which they were made previously were Commercial buildings. Having Open plan spaces give a large amount of flexibility to the inhabitants to use the space they want. An open Plan Space is like a Blank Canvas. You can use all your Creative design techniques to create the sort of ambience in the space that suits you the most. You can arrange your furniture exactly the way you want to. Enclose the areas that you want to without any restrictions while leaving those open which you want to be. You have complete Control over the amount of Privacy that you want to incorporate in the space.The Designer and the occupant have complete control over the Open and Breathable Space that can be made. A Balance has to be Achieved which is usually difficult to achieve in conventional residences. Because of the High Ceiling space, the Lofts usually have a more Luxurious Feel unlike our Homes and Other traditional Apartments.

Moreover the Presence of windows etc also gives you the right amount of light and views into the exterior spaces. If you are a person who doesn’t like dark and dingy places and don’t like Being closed in spaces the loft apartments is what you need as your living spaces.For those who want that Artistic and eclectic Look, Loft apartments are the best. They have a Unique feel about them If you have ever been to one only then it is that you would know. They are Classic and Perfect Combination of the Old and the contemporary new. It is a place where you will find Exquisite Details like exposed Brick Walls and Industrial Style accents with hard polished Exquisite Wooden Floors. It’s a place that can really stand out for your friends and family.Once you have made a Loft apartment you can easily rent it out too on whatever price you want to. This gives you great opportunity to live in it whenever you want to mostly in Vacations or when you have Extra guests and your Living space is not enough to accommodate them. In times when you are away and the area is vacant you can Rent them out and enjoy the Benefit of Extra Cash flowing in.

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