Mass meditation is similar to meditation, but it is hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people meditating at the same time. There are many scientific benefits of mass meditation, but you will discover multiple spiritual benefits of mass meditation as well. As you continue your journey with mass meditation, you will begin to notice many of the proven benefits of mass meditation in your own life. But it will be even more noticeable within what happens around the world in the future.
Benefits of Mass Meditation

1. More People Feeling Peaceful

If you have meditated on your own before, you are likely aware of how peaceful you feel at the end. Now imagine hundreds or thousands of people having that same peaceful feeling at the end of a mass meditation. This feeling of peace is one of the many proven benefits of mass meditation. As you are doing mass meditation, you should consider using
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to stay focused and limit your distractions.

2. Stabilized Social Systems

Mass meditations can allow people from all social circles to come together as one. Instead of focusing on negative thoughts and feelings, you will spend these mass meditation sessions focusing on kindness and love. As these feelings spread throughout the group, new friends will be made, and spiritual benefits of mass meditation will be seen.

3. Decreased Crime Rates

As people begin to be kinder to others, you will really start to see the scientific benefits of mass meditation. Since people will be getting along so much better, there will be decreased crime rates. These crime rate reductions will include less thefts and even fewer shootings. There are many reasons for this, but the main scientific reason includes the fact that the positive energy formed from mass meditations is greater than the negative energy from the past.

4. Greater Changes

Change is always inevitable, but there are some changes that really need to move along faster than they do without the assistance of mass meditations. One of the scientific benefits of mass meditation includes increased consciousness. That consciousness then has an effect of how everyone expresses themselves throughout society. As thousands of people around the world meditate at the same time, the consciousness awareness explodes everywhere, and changes are completed faster than ever before.

5. United Energy

When it comes to the spiritual benefits of mass meditation, there is nothing better than the united energy that occurs when thousands or millions of people choose to meditate at the same time. This year, we are in the middle of the Age of Aquarius. While there are many positive things throughout the Age of Aquarius, a mass meditation at the halfway point of the year can create a turning point with more powerful results.

It is imperative that everyone focuses on their meditations when this mass meditation occurs, or the global energy field will not be as strong. If you are struggling with your meditations, due to the circumstances of this year, you may want to consider using
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6. Less Impact from Major Storms or Other Major Events

There is no doubt that some of the hurricanes, typhoons, and other major storms and events can be devastating. However, when mass meditations take place around these occurrences, the impact has not been as horrendous as it would have been without the meditations taking place. This may seem crazy to some people, but this is actually one of the proven benefits of mass meditation and it happens time and time again.

The next time a storm is heading in, try doing a group meditation with family and friends and check out the results from all that positive energy yourself. You may find that even that smaller mass meditation can produce amazing results and benefits you can appreciate.

Mass meditations strengthen the results that occur within each individual person who meditates on their own. While individual meditation is an excellent start, mass mediations create so much more positive energy that can change the world.
There are many proven benefits of mass meditation, although you won’t notice them as quickly as you will the benefits you notice when meditating on your own. However, you won’t be able to ignore the scientific benefits of mass meditation, even if you are a little skeptical of joining a mass meditation at first. The best part though is all the spiritual benefits of mass meditation that you and everyone else in the group will feel long after the session is completed.

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