My partner and I have this special place that we love to hike. We are full of eagerness into running wild with no tensions and problems to worry just by the sound of its name. This location is so breathtaking that we become like the off-springs of nature's wild, dashing next to the creeks that zigzag its way down into the canyon, the prominent Wild Horse Canyon that is.

The trails are somewhat steep, rocky and lined with mosses and all sorts of little growing things. At the top of the trail is a large waterfall that pours all its water into the canyon. To get there, it will take you almost an hour. At times when it's not raining, we would navigate our way below which is often difficult to do because of the even sheerer drop. It happened a year before during spring, we went trekking into the canyon on that beautiful morning. I packed a picnic lunch and loaded everything including a camera into our backpacks.

The first thing I saw when we were at the starting point of the trail was a stick inclining beside one of the enormous pine trees along the trail. I said to myself that this lovely stick could be ideal for a walking support and so I took it with us in our hike. I have never used a walking stick before and this was purely on impulse. We hiked around streams flowing pretty full since we had a lot of spring rain. We were lucky that the weather that day was doing well for us. We sort of landed almost near the highest point of the waterfall. My companion got across first at the shallowest portion of the tiny pool. Just as I was about to cross, I broke the number one cardinal rule of hiking - watching where you are going. It was a tough fall. I had placed my foot on a rock when I passed through and it caught me off-balance because I was looking above. I realized I had sprained my ankle pretty seriously and the pain was agonizing. I put up my feet and reflected on what just happened. All of a sudden it hit me, we were at the bottom of the canyon and we had to scale back out. We recognized that our cell phones were useless because we were way below in the canyon, so there was no signal. Fantastic. We had to take the quickest way to the road so that my injury could be tended immediately so we knew which path to go since we had gotten accustomed to the place. My husband and I began climbing after I persuaded him that he had to get the car while I take the route nearest to the road on my own. Anyway, thanks for the handy walking stick that some Samaritan had left for me. It was a big help. I didn't realize how difficult that was going to be and could not have made it out without that walking stick. In the end, I was on crutches for some weeks because of a serious ankle injury.

For safety purposes when hiking, first rule - watch where you go. Always observe your environment. First aid kit, water, snacks - these are important that you should have when going on a hike. Wear a good pair of hiking boots (I think this really saved my ankle from being broken). Think it out many times before taking action. Even a simple fall due to a rock or a tree root, or loose dirt could be fatal if you end up rolling down the hill.

Being aware of every step will also help you avoid stepping on any snakes. A hiking buddy is important so that in case of emergency, he/she can be able to call for help or assist you like what had happened to me. Learn to take it easy and take the time to rest. To be able to recognize the magnificence of the scenery is for that purpose why you should take a break. Unless if you already know the place and is familiar with all the ins and outs of the area where you are hiking, just follow the trail. Let someone know where you are going. Do not jam-pack your bag with so many unnecessary items, take only what you need and some handy material that can be of use in case there's an emergency. Also, know if it's okay to be out with whatever climate you have at that time. In case of a chance of rain, include light rain gear.

Remember, to bring along a stick, it could really come on handy!

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To ensure that you remain safe even when you're on the streets, it really is critical for you personally to acquire Handheld GPS devices. At, you will come across plenty of Handheld GPS units.