The mental health of the employees of large corporations is a topic that is giving people talk. And it is that since the application of the new studies of the organizational climate, the well-being of the worker as a piece of machinery is becoming increasingly important in these new times of re-adaptation.

These studies, promoted by entities such as the World Health Organization, directly evaluate the relationship of the organizational climate with the mental health of individuals, making clear the advantages that it can direct towards the operation of the business model.

Employees & Business benefits of occupational therapy:

1. It improves the level of final productivity of the company through the internal motivation of the staff, based on the fact that the greater the happiness and belonging of the employee, the more positive will be their response to the work assignments and responsibilities.

2. A single point of negativity can be enough to contaminate a work environment. For this reason, by guaranteeing the mental health of employees, the development of unpleasant situations within the internal climate of the office is directly prevented.

3. An employee who is emotionally drained is often much slower during a job pressure situation. Therefore, it is important that workers have a state of mental rest, which will make their response to labor crisis situations much faster.

4. Few are the companies that have consolidated that their staff can boast of working in their facilities so that, by worrying about the psychological health of the members belonging to the work environment, it is possible to position their administrative environment as an area of enjoyment and well-being, of which later he will speak within his circles.

5. The mental health of employees occupying administrative positions that require mental planning is usually a determining factor in their productivity. That an employee is healthy in his mind will ensure that his margin of professional growth is very easy and fast, and along with it, the business status grows.

6. Among the benefits of having a healthy employee is the ease with which he can establish quick labor alliances for teamwork, simplifying the bureaucratic operation of the office.

7. Finally, there is the undeniable reality that a happy and fulfilling worker is a worker who delivers a valuable product in the end. Ensuring your psychological health is not only reflected in your service, but also in the final work delivery that is assigned to you.

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