Online counseling or e-counseling is a great choice for those whose physical, geographical or time restraints make it hard to attend face-to-face counseling sessions. With the improvement in the quality and accessibility of video conferencing software, online counseling has become the preference to deal with emotional or mental health challenges in life for some individuals and also couples.

Who can benefit from online counseling?

Online counseling or e-counseling is becoming more and more desirable for those who travel, have hectic or irregular work schedules, yet wish to benefit from regular counseling support. It is possible that you are already feeling drained or actually disabled, or live in a remote area or rural side of country, or simply feel more comfortable staying home. Online video counseling may be the perfect fit for your current lifestyle or circumstance. In the event that you are a minor, you will need signed parental consent to participate in online counseling. This age of consent may differ depending on the area of the counselor offering support.

What do I need for online counseling?

You will need a computer or laptop that is connected to a decent quality rapid internet connection. You will likewise need either an inherent or attached camera and microphone on your computer. Then you should download the video software program used by the counselor you will be talking with. The counselor will provide you with their ID name for the program so you are able to connect with them.

When will online counseling take place?

It is important to make sure that you are not occupied with anything and get all your works done before starting counselling. Also do your research on selecting an online counselor. Ensure they have a certification and experience with a reliable professional affiliation. Check their educational profile, experience, and the type of counseling they specialize in, etc. Once you discover a counselor that you need to work with you can take an appointment with them that is suitable and convenient toyou both. Also Keep in mind to check with your counselor if he/she is located in another time zone. You should affirm this so you can make appropriate adjustments.

Where should counseling take place?

There are two focuses I wish to mention here:

1. It is important to make sure that you set yourself up in a private and quiet place where no one interrupt you during the session. Keep away distractions like phones, television etc. and if there are others in the house ask them not to upset you during your session.

2. Sometimes, for legal and insurance purposes, the counseling session may be supposed to take place in the legal ward of the counselor. Your counselor ought to provide you with a written consent structure that you will sign at the onset of counseling that provide clear guidelines in this regard just as other specifics about counseling. (Disclaimer: No legal advice suggested by the writer)

Why use online counseling?

If you live out of the city or in remote areas, face-to-face counseling may not be available in your area or perhaps the type of counseling you are searching for is not available where you live. Online counseling gives you a wider range of options regarding the type of counselor you want to work with. You may consider counseling for some time, yet are not comfortable with someone in the town or city you live in. Perhaps an online counselor was recommended to you by a friend, acquaintance, or relative. Online counseling is much the same as face-to-face counseling, however provides the flexibility you may be searching for.

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