What is Online Therapy?

Teletherapy or e-therapy also known as online treatment, is a form of treatment that is conducted remotely through digitalized communication stages such as video calls, phone calls, chats, etc. It permits people to get mental well-being bolstered and counseling from qualified professionals without the requirement for in-person appointments.

 In online therapy, clients and psychologists communicate and connect in much the same way as they would in conventional face-to-face treatment sessions, talking about a wide range of issues in the comfort of their homes.

Prevalence of Online Therapy in India

Online therapy sessions have become increasingly prevalent in India, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, with proven research showing online therapy is equally effective as conventional face-to-face therapy. Numerous people are looking for online counseling services with authorized psychologists on board. These administrations offer a helpful and easily available way to get online therapy.

 The accessibility of online counseling services has made it simpler for people all over India to get the help they require easily, under any circumstance. Whether living in urban centers like Mumbai or Delhi or in country zones with constrained mental well-being assets, people can take advantage of the abilities of online psychologists.

Mediums through which one can take online therapy

Overall, online treatment in India has developed as an important asset for people looking for mental health treatment, advertising comfort, openness, and proficient direction through online counseling sessions given by qualified online psychologists.

 Online treatment can take different shapes and can be done via:

  1. Video Conferencing:Clients and psychologists interface through video calls, permitting face-to-face interaction and real-time communication. This arrangement is one of the most common ways to take online therapy. It closely follows conventional in-person treatment sessions and offers a more individual experience through video call setups.
  2. Phone Calls:Another most common and easily assessable way for therapy sessions is when sessions are conducted over the phone, permitting verbal communication between the client and therapist. Therapy through phone calls can be helpful for people who lean more towards calls and do not prefer video calls or who have restricted web access. It can be a medium where a certain population of people can be more open and honest.
  3. Chats: patients and therapists communicate through the medium of text. Chat-based therapy sessions offer adaptability and comfort, permitting clients to send messages at any time and get consultations from their therapists. Chat-based therapy sessions can be a great medium for people who have a hard time communicating face-to-face. There is a certain level of comfort and privacy that increases while conversing through texts.
  4. E-mail:Counselling through email is a way for the counseling therapist and the client to consult with each other through the mail. The client here can send well-thought-out messages describing their feelings, thoughts, sentiments, and encounters. The therapist then reverts with helpful direction and bolsters through e-mail E-mail treatment permits mindful reflection and can be appropriate for people who are inclined toward composed communication.
  5. Hybrid Models:Online therapy can take place through the mediums mentioned above but many therapists and clients also prefer a hybrid model where two or more mediums are used. This permits clients to select the medium that best suits their inclinations, timings, and needs. For instance, a client may have video sessions with their advisor as well as trading messages through sessions being conducted by text or email.

These online treatment sessions offer adaptability in planning, permitting clients to select arrangements that work best for them. This adaptability is especially profitable for those with busy work schedules.

 Benefits of Online Therapy

Overall, online therapy sessions give a sense of namelessness and security, which can be consoling for people who may feel reluctant to look for assistance for mental well-being issues. Clients can communicate with their online therapists straightforwardly and truly, knowing that their discussions are secret and secure. Online therapy also offers many other benefits, as listed below:

  1. Accessibility:Online treatment breaks down geological boundaries, permitting people to get online counseling sessions from any place with just internet access. This is especially advantageous for those living in remote or rural areas or for people who do not have access to easy transportation. Through online counseling services, the treatment is not limited to certain areas but widens the horizons for everyone everywhere. With online therapy, a therapist is just one step away.
  2. Convenience:With online treatment, clients can plan sessions at their convenience, at times that are helpful for them, disposing of the requirement to travel to a therapist's office. This adaptability is particularly supportive for people with busy working schedules and versatility issues.
  3. Cost-effectiveness:Online therapy offers a more economical option compared to traditional in-person therapy. By eliminating travel expenses and reducing overhead costs for therapists, it presents a budget-friendly alternative. This can translate to lower session fees, making therapy more financially accessible for individuals seeking assistance.
  4. Privacy and Protection: Online therapy services provide a great deal of privacy and comfort, which sometimes face-to-face counseling fails to provide. Clients can engage in therapy from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Online therapy tries to bridge the gap of therapy being taboo, as people can take therapy in secrecy. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who are concerned about the stigma associated with seeking mental health support. Furthermore, online therapy sessions use encryption and other security measures to ensure client privacy and save the data more systematically.
  5. Choice of Specialists:As online therapy reduces all geographical barriers, it permits clients to select from a more extensive pool of therapists, who specialize in particular modalities or have mastery over certain methods. This can increase the probability of finding a therapist who is the right fit for their needs, as the distance between the client and therapist doesn’t matter when it comes to taking sessions online. 
  6. Providing space for therapy for everyone:Online therapy can provide a safe space for people who cannot go to in-person sessions due to traveling for work, health-related issues, or any other reasons. It allows clients to take sessions when they are incapable of meeting face-to-face.

Online counselling offers multiple benefits that contribute to its growing popularity and proven effectiveness around the globe. From increased accessibility and convenience to affordability and privacy, online therapy tries to resolve many barriers that conventional in-person face-to-face therapy lacks. As technology is continuously growing and with day-by-day increasing mental health awareness, online therapy is rapidly becoming a valuable and accessible option for individuals who are embarking on their healing journeys.

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