Papaya has become a favourite fruit among a lot of health-conscious people. Not everyone enjoys the taste of papaya but considering the health benefits of the fruit, it is definitely worth a try. Read on to know about the benefits of papaya.

benefits of papaya

Nutrients that enhance the Benefits of papaya : –
Papaya is a good source of

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Natural fibre
Enzymes arginine and carpain
Benefits of Papaya and Papaya juice
Following are the benefits of papaya.

Skin Care –
The primary health benefit of papaya is on the skin. Applying papaya on your skin can help in curing and preventing skin issues like acne, warts, burns, etc. Papaya acts as an exfoliating agent and helps in removing dead skin leaving it glowing and impars a radiant complexion when used on daily basis.

The enzymes in papaya helps in removing freckles ,spots and mild scars. You can also use papaya for sun protection or to remove sun tanning. Enzymes extracted from papaya are used in various skin lightening creams and face masks. Like any other citrus fruit, papaya provides antioxidants that prevent premature ageing and give way to clear youthful skin.

Hair care –
Application of papaya juice on the scalp and hair helps in moisturizing and treating dryness and dandruff.

Boosts immune system–
Papaya is a good choice of food for people who catch cold and flu easily. The antioxidants in papaya like Vitamin C , Vitamin A and beta-carotene help in increasing immunity and protect against these disease.

Anti-inflammatory agent –
Papaya is a good fruit for people suffering from asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. The proteolytic enzymes in papaya viz. papain and chymopapain have a good anti-inflammatory function. Apart from this, vitamin A and C and beta-carotene are also effective inflammation remedies.

Improves digestion –
One of the most important benefits of papaya is that it helps in improving digestion. Enzyme papain in papaya helps in better digestion and in preventing constipation. Papaya also helps in softening the stools and helps in easy and painless passage of stools during constipation.

In case of pus, infection or mucus in the digestive track, drink papaya juice. Papaya juice will help in elimination of pus and mucus from digestive tract in 4-5 days. Papaya is a good stomach cleanser. Some researchers believe that the fibre in papaya helps bind the cancer-causing toxins in the colon.

Papaya also contains folate, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and vitamin E . These nutrients are also associated with the prevention of cancer.

Heart disease –
It is believed that papaya helps in preventing clogging of arteries (atherosclerosis) and diabetic heart disease. The phyto nutrients in papaya helps in preventing the oxidation of cholesterol, thus preventing the clogging of arteries. It also prevents formation of plaques that lead to heart attacks and strokes. The fiber in papaya also helps reduce LDL cholesterol and other bad cholesterol in blood.

The above mentioned benefits of papaya are reasons enough that you start including it in your day-to-day diet.

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