Private dental cleaning is a therapeutic procedure indicated to remove stubborn plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth. Performed by specialized hygienists, dental cleansing is extremely important - and equally effective - to keep your teeth healthy, protecting them from tooth decay and other dental and gingival diseases such as pyorrhea and gingivitis.

Daily oral hygiene, as meticulous and careful, is not sufficient to completely remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. In fact, the home dental cleaning is limited to lift bacteria and food residues deposited on the tooth enamel or embedded in the interdental spaces, but cannot eliminate plaque and tartar hidden under the gum or in spaces difficult to reach from the toothbrush. As a result, the services of Private Family Dentists is required.

Benefits of Private Family Dentists

Professional dental cleaning through the aid of Private Family Dentists is extremely advantageous because, in addition to preventing numerous dental and gingival diseases, it also ensures an enviable state of health for the teeth, even in the long term. Some benefits offered by this form of dental cleaning include:

• Complete removal of plaque and tartar: The cleaning done by Private Family Dentists is not limited to eliminating tartar concretions on the surface of the teeth, but cleans deeply even pushing into the interdental spaces and the sub-gingival area
• Prevent the formation of caries, periodontitis (pyorrhea), gingivitis, pulpits
• Giving the teeth a shiny appearance
• Whitening yellow teeth
• Contrasting gingival inflammation
• Reducing dentinal hypersensitivity
• Reinforcing and strengthening the teeth
• Preventing the formation of withdrawn gums
• Effective removal of stains from the teeth
• Preventing premature loss of teeth
• Providing effective remedy against halitosis

As highlighted above, the benefits of dental cleaning through private family dentists cannot be overemphasized and for more help in this regard, Muswell Hill Smile is at your service.

At Muswell Hill Smile, we have the unique set up of having a wide range of dental specialists with extensive experience in all aspects of modern dentistry, all under the same roof. We provide comprehensive dental care, including everything from the preventive education and routine hygiene that help to reduce dental problems to expert solutions for the dental issues our patients face by in-house specialists such as an orthodontist, Children dentist, Implantologist and cosmetic dentist—all in one convenient location. This means that when multi-disciplinary approach is required all experts will work together as a team to offer the highest level of comprehensive advice and treatment and deliver the optimal smile for your entire family.

In addition to the benefits earlier highlighted, Muswell Hill Smile is preferred by many families due to the following reasons:

1. Particular attention

Currently it has become common to search for private family dentists who attend to their clients in a more personalized and warm way. This is an attribute of Muswell Hill Smile, as our gentle and compassionate dentists and Orthodontic professionals are always available to give you the best. This also provides great containment of clients, as patients are allowed to consult all their doubts while our professionals become an ear and counselors towards providing a more personalized and excellent service.

2. Short waiting time

At Muswell Hill Smile, the waiting time is less and there is also more ease when it comes to taking turns. This takes place in a comfortable environment which is usually warm in winter and cool in summer.

3. Fast attention

In addition to our short waiting time, we also provide fast attention to our clients. To achieve this, perform restorations, reconstruction of teeth, aesthetic restorations, replacement of metal restorations for esthetics, etc in 1 single session, being able to as well rehabilitate several dental pieces.

4. Quality services

We add a touch of quality and warmth in the care, since our professionals dedicate their time to the patient's attention. This is also evident through our use of high quality materials that allows restorations to last over time and do not need frequent replacement.

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