Do you know the difference between Regular milk and A2 milk? How they are different in terms of Nutrient Value, Digestion and Health Concern.

Regular Milk :
Regular milk contains A1 protein (BCM-7) which causes lactose intolerance, bloating, inflammation, uneasiness and increases the risk to many diseases such as autism, heart disease, infant death, type 1 diabetes, digestive problems, cancer, etc.

Today, about 99 % of the Indian households are consuming A1 milk whereas countries like Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe (birthplaces of Jersey and HF cows) are importing our desi breeds for A2 milk production and consumption.

Nutrient Availability : Deficient in major nutrients, essentially as the result of using growth hormones, AI, unhealthy non organic cow provisions, containing BCM-7 responsible for many health issues.

Digestion : A1 BCM-7 type protein causes the indigestion of milk in the stomach.

Health Concern : A1 milk being containing BCM-7, when absorbed by intestines, passes onto the blood which leads to various health problems such as heart disease, autism, type 1 diabetes, bad cholesterol, infant death, etc.

Lactose Intolerance : People with lactose intolerance cannot have A1 milk.

A2 Milk :
A2 milk is the milk which contains A2 protein and lacks a form B-Casein protein called A1(BCM7) . A2 protein is equal in structure to human milk which is why it’s naturally more digestible than A1 milk.

Furthermore, A2 milk is soaring in Omega 3 & 6, Vitamins, Calcium, Minerals, Iodine, Magnesium, antioxidant Beta-Carotene and many more. Our indigenous (desi) Gir cows only produce A2 milk unlike cross /foreign breed such as Holstein Friesians, Jersey that produces harmful A1 milk.

Nutrient Availability : Full of various Vitamins and Minerals like omega 3, Vitamin D, A, B12, etc. Contains an abundant composition of other elements such as calcium, proteins, magnesium, iodine and many more, contingently providing various health benefits.

Digestion : Easily digestible, and does not lead to bloating, stomach inflammation. Comfortably digestible by people who generally have milk intolerance.

Health Concern : A2 milk prevents us from various health diseases that occurs as a result of drinking A1 milk as it does not contain the protein element BCM–7.

Lactose Intolerance : People with lactose intolerance can have A2 milk as it is similar in structure to human milk which is why it’s naturally more edible than A1 milk.

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