Benefits of Qigong

First let me clarify that I am not an expert on qigong, but a student of the practice. There are many forms of qigong, which has been said to me the mother of tai chi, dating before 206 B.C., if not earlier. I have found a lot of conflicting information about the history. What is important to know is that it has been around a loooooong time and has evolved into various forms and teachings. It is ideal to find someone to teach you the forms, but there aren’t many teachers. I use DVDs and went to a seminar, but it seemed too cult like for me. I now combine various forms and do my own thing, which is an empowering and ecstatic experience. So experiment and find out what works for you. There are teachers that can help you via skype, please email me for contact information. So what is qigong?

First let me assure you that Qigong, also spelled qi kung, is not a religion. You can visualize any spiritual beliefs you choose. There are Taoist philosophies embedded in qigong that blend nicely with most religions. Take what you want and leave the rest. Use your own beliefs when doing the movements. Qi is universal life force, also called prana, spirit, and many other names, which can be found in all cultures and religions.

Physical-Emotional- Spiritual Benefits of Consistent Qigong Practice
Lower heat rate
Lower blood pressure
Enhanced immune system functioning
Improved circulation which is very healing to the body
Increase blood flow to the brain, reducing chances of strokes
Improved balance, posture, strength, flexibility and stamina
Reduced pain, which also helps alot with diagnoses like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
Helps with PMS symptoms and other GYN problems
Alters the stress response, leaving you more calm overall
Improves concentration and attention
Improves all organs systems and bodily functions, such as hormones and endocrine system disorders, and it basically puts your body in the state that nature intended
Increases libido
Improves sleep (You might want to do this practice earlier in the day, as it will likely energize you)
Depending on the form it is fun. Tai Chi/Qigong often mimic movements of animals and other things found in nature. This keeps us connected to nature, which grounds and calms us, and moving like a monkey or a tiger not only empowers us but reminds us to stay youthful and have fun
It becomes easier to let go of distressing emotions with regular practice
It can be used as self defense as can tai chi. Many people who practice this as a martial art may seem meek and weak, but they can do things a Jedi Knight would do. Martial arts would be best to have a teacher for you to work with.

You can do qigong anywhere, as it takes up little space. I do it in my office. It is ideal to do so outside, but if that isn’t feasible or you are self conscious, practice in front of a window to let some nature in.
It makes your mind stronger and enhances your intellectual abilities and enhances intuition
With practice and an open mind you can learn to heal others, even from a distance

It is a form of meditation. I prefer to practice both daily, becoming as routine as brushing my teeth. However; if pressed for time, you get the benefits of both with qigong. It teaches you to breathe through the movements, centering and grounding you=meditation. Think of it as a meditation that burns some calories :)

Qigong basically alters the stress response impacting all areas of your life with regular practice. It is not a magic bullet. What you will find is that you won’t feel right if you miss a day over time. I designed what I called the Chi 100, (I had already done P90X). I did some form of tai chi or qigong every day for 100 days and haven’t missed a day since. Try not to have rules, but I recall learning somewhere that it takes 28 minutes to complete a full cycle of qi, so usually people practice for at least 30 minutes day. You don’t have to do that everyday, and realistically you won’t be able to. Spend a few minutes grounding yourself every morning, literally like two to three minutes. You can also use movements throughout the day as well. Experiment and do what works for you.

With all of these benefits, with affordable DVDs available allowing you to practice anywhere, and DVDs that are as short as 7 minutes long, why would you not want to learn this practice?

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Umfer is a licensed clinical psychologist with specialization in forensic and military psychology. In addition she is a certified meditation instructor and certified clinical hypnotherapist.