There is a reason why mystery novels are one of the best selling genres of all time. Ever since it existed, many have been obsessed over it. What makes this fiction so popular? Do you think it is merely just because it entertains the minds of people? Well, it is more than just the enjoyment of reading them. Mystery books with great narrative and structure give the readers a whole lot more. If you haven’t tried to read a book from this genre, you should. It is worth the try and will surely keep you coming back for more. Thus, why don’t you start and read a book series? A good series to kick it off is The Genesis Project Series by Greg Van Arsdale. This book is a good blend of sci-fi and mystery. Who wouldn’t like these two genres put in one book, right? The story will surely keep you flipping through the pages non-stop.

Good thriller books never fail to satisfy a reader’s craving for great tales. It keeps your heart thumping and makes you break a sweat like you are part of an actual scene. However, there are many surprising and unexpected benefits that you can surely get from reading the genre. Below are some of the benefits you can get by reading mystery fiction:

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