SAP is short for Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. SAP is the name of German multinational software enterprise that created the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. SAP ERP is one of the most extensively used integrated systems around the globe.  Benefits and Career Prospects of SAP Certification for students are huge and give them an edge over their competitors.

Convenience has become the fundamental rule for all action in every area today. This is the basis with which SAP was designed. SAP training is a skill that has earned recognition and attention in modern times. SAP is now being used in nearly all major Multi-National Corporations which is why SAP training has also caught on in a big way. 


Best SAP Training Course in Noida is of two types, that is Functional and Technical. The functional consultant lays emphasis on one subject like Finance, HR & works as works as business analyst in that particular area. Some of the functional modules include:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management),
  • FICO (Finance Accounting and Controlling),
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management),
  • BO (Business Objects),
  • S&D (Sales and Distribution) &
  • BI (Business Intelligence)

On the other hand, the technical consultant comprehends programming languages and comes from an academic background. A technical SAP consultant has complete knowledge of the language applied within the 4th general SAP known as Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP).

There are over 20 modules in Functional and Technical SAP training. The choice of which SAP Training Institute in Noida to go for depends majorly on your background.


It is a renowned fact that SAP knowledge is a skill that is well sought after in current job market. In such a case, a SAP Professional has many benefits to his/her name, here are a few:

  1. Job Opportunities

Be it technical or functional, an individual with SAP training is one that is definitely preferred over one without. The variety of opportunities for the applicant with this complicated skill is enormous as they can choose to join both the management and the IT functions of an organization. This, thus, opens up a massive scale of opportunities for these professionals in the major companies in the market.

  1. Pay and Promotions

It is an established fact that a candidate with SAP certification is paid exponentially higher than a candidate without one. The time and rate involved in climbing up the ladder is marginally less and the prospect of promotions is high when it is a SAP certified individual. Although salary expectations are based on past experience, skill set, and educational background, a SAP certification definitely provides the required edge over other candidates so you can choose best sap module for your career to bring you an ample number of jobs in an industry.

  1. Overall Reputation

A SAP certification also brings with it some level of reputation and respect. This accreditation also creates a strong impression on recruiters once they see that your skill set includes SAP training. It will also work in your favor among peers and colleagues as SAP professionals are regarded amongst the most knowledgeable and analytical in the IT industry as a whole.

With rising competition in the job market, any added skill will be advantageous. In such a situation, a skill like SAP Training is highly beneficial. With new companies investing in SAP ERP products, this is the prospect of simple business operations.


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