Instagram is the hub of business activities and beauty influencers, ideal for direct response marketing. With the increase in various activities, it often gets challenging to maintain an engaging social media feed. Sometimes business owners and fashion models need a break from social media for personal or professional reasons. In that case, it is advisable for such people to resort to a scheduled posting tool. Scheduled posting frees the users from making posts each day and ensures their profiles stay updated, and continues to hold the attention of their followers.

Direct publishing of Instagram posts and stories

Business owners can schedule their Instagram posts, stories, and even IGTV ahead of time. If you run an online business, you need to check out Instagram Publisher for this purpose. If you are aware of the algorithm system, you will probably understand how important scheduled posting is.

To start scheduling direct Instagram posts, users need to connect their IG business account with their Facebook page. A post must be created in the scheduled posting application, and after the ideal time is set, your post will be published on Instagram and Facebook! This is an excellent time-saving method  for bloggers and business owners. A reminder is sent to the user before 5 minutes of the posting time. It enables the users to either edit the post or delete it in case there is an issue.

If you have multiple business accounts, such as an online makeup store and an Instagram modeling account, keeping up with posts for both of the accounts can get quite hectic. Nowadays, a lot of beauty bloggers create their own line of makeup, hair, or clothing, thus increasing the pressure on their schedules. In this situation, scheduled posting serves as massive assistance. Users can either download the Creator Studio app or the Instagram Publisher app on their phones to schedule IG posts and stories for both of their accounts. It enables users to keep audiences of both their business accounts engaged. There is no danger of losing their client base or boring them with the negligence of Instagram posting.

Efficient time –saving mechanism

Scheduled posting is an efficient technique to counter IG algorithm. In addition to receiving multiple orders from online clients, small business owners have to take care of invoicing, create promotional Instagram content, and maintain product and service quality. The pressure of these responsibilities is lessened with the help of scheduled posting tools.

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