While a Reiki 1 course can be a life changing experience, it is understandable that participants can have lingering doubts about its effectiveness following a Reiki class.

It is only through the experience of doing regular self Reiki treatments after a Reiki training that doubts subside.

At my Reiki courses in Dublin I get a broad spectrum of personalities represented. People come from all backgrounds and walks of life. However, the one thing most adults have in common is a doubt in their ability to administer Reiki healing effectively.

Reiki energy is a natural healing method which is not academically challenging. It is a stretch for most adults to accept that they do not need to be directing Reiki with their conscious mind. It flows naturally to where it is needed at all times.

I love hearing the feedback from people who attend my Reiki Trainings in Dublin. It is a joy to witness people let go of their doubt and self limitations following Reiki 1 courses.

Below is a story written by a lady who has completed her Reiki classes in Dublin with me. Despite the voices of doubt in her head about Reiki, she kept using it. As you will read from her story, she is very glad that she had Reiki healing to help her at a very challenging time in her life.

How Reiki Healing helped Jeanette even though she had doubts that it could

I did the Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Advanced Reiki Practitioner Courses over the 2000 and 2001 period. I knew then intuitively that this was real, but my conscious mind could not let go and trust the Universal Reiki Energy. I continued to give myself Reiki over the next few years, but my conscious mind was always doubtful.

Then my husband became ill. That was when Reiki healing proved itself to my conscious mind. I used Reiki with every situation I had to cope with. My husband recovered from complete paralysis of one side to being able to look after himself again much quicker than his doctors expected, and I coped with the process of finalising his involvement in his business over a six month period.

Through it all I had a calmness of mind, felt no worry, fear, anger or any other negative emotion. Since then I have done the Reiki Teacher Training Course which was of great benefit as it helped my conscious mind and inner being to work as one.

So, my advice to anyone who does not have dramatic results, or has doubts when first coming to Reiki, is to stay with it and practise regularly – through the doubts. The energy is working with you quietly in the background. It knows your intentions and it will prove itself when you most need it.

I am glad I continued to practise through my doubts in the beginning, but I stayed with it because my still small voice kept telling me this is all there is, this is what you have been searching for – for a long time.

Jeanette from Dublin

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