Different programs have different concepts of developing programs and they prefer different kinds of tools to accomplish their jobs. With the growing trend of open source, the developers have innumerable free efficient tools and these tools have very innovative ways to doing the things more conveniently. When many concepts play around, Server Side Scripting comes in the mind with very comprehensive features with it. The scripts which are executed on server is known as server side scripting. Server side scripting is basically used to provide interface where an user can perform the interactive tasks such as user registration, password verification, zip code verification, email verification, url verification via an interface. There are many programing languages which have been following this concept to produce very fruitful results:

With numerous advantages associated with it, many developer prefers the server side scripting. The advantages are described below:

=>As server side scripting executes on server, it reduces the load on user’s computer.
=>With server side scripting, we can create database driven web application.
=>Scripts are hidden from view even when user view the source, only client side scripts are visible
=>Dynamic website can easily be developed by using server side scripting on which website administrator can change the content like images and text at any time.
=>Server side scripts are browser independent that’s why we need not to worry about version of browsers.
=>Complex tasks can be performed relatively in few steps.
=>Easy to learn and use.

This is widely known that under server side scripting, dynamic pages which are generated for the user via operations are directly executed on server which enables the user to view multiple pages. One of the most basic purpose of server side scripting is to modify and change the website content online especially in the case where regular changes are required. So, for interactive websites like news site or weather forecasting site, in which data must be changed at certain regular interval which is possible only if we develop the website using server side scripting. The kind of websites in which content can be changed at any time is called dynamic website. Many expert programmers believe that the server side scripting is the heart for web applications and websites. By seeing the above benefits of server side scripting, we can easily say that the Server Side Scripting is the only one solution for web developer for interactive web applications as well as websites.

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Amit Sahani is a software engineer working with SageNext Infotech as a development manager. He is dealing in the development of accounting software and website for accountants. He also consults about QuickBooks add-ons to work effciently with QuickBooks hosting.

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