Sinus irrigation comes in other different names such as sinus wash, sinus rinse or sinus flushing. But just the same, sinus irrigation is the process of flushing excess mucus, bacteria and other debris out of the nose and sinuses. The principle is quite simple: a solution made from a combination of water and salt is allowed to enter through one nostril and drain out of the other. This can be done by snorting the solution from cupped hands or by squirting the solution using a syringe with the needle removed. An object called a neti-pot, which looks something like a combination of a miniature teapot and Aladdin’s magical lamp, can also be used.

The neti-pot has already been in existence for centuries, in fact its origins can be traced back to the Ayurvedic/yoga medical tradition. Using a neti-pot, half of the saline solution is poured through one nostril while the head is tilted sideways to allow the liquid to drain through the opposite nostril. The process is then repeated with the other half of the solution made to enter through the other nostril. Whichever technique is used, it sure does sound, look and actually feel uncomfortable at first, but done properly, sinus irrigation can be beneficial not only for those suffering from sinus infections but also from sufferers of common colds, asthma and rhinitis.

It’s Sinus Irrigation, Only Much Better
Because sinus irrigation is so effective, medical and pharmaceutical companies have been keen to develop products that can carry-out this process sans the inconveniences and discomfort associated with the other traditional techniques. Some have developed state-of-the-art irrigators that even allow pulsating action of the solution in order to enhance the natural movement of cilia. Unfortunately, they can be quite bulky and expensive for home use. On the other hand, there are irrigators now available that offer portability, as they are merely the size of a spray bottle.

Indeed, sinus irrigation, as it is, is already very helpful in getting rid of sinus infections. However, sometimes, the saline solution is just not enough to treat the inflammation or to kill the bacteria causing the infection. That is why your doctor prescribes decongestants or antibiotics. This is where medicated sinus irrigation comes in. One product which can allow you to do medicated sinus irrigation is ActiveSinus. At Sinus Dynamics, a leading pharmaceutical company in the treatment of sinusitis and rhinitis, they are able to compound your prescribed medications in forms suitable for use with your ActiveSinus irrigator. With medicated sinus irrigation, prescribed medications are not taken orally, thus systemic side effects are prevented. Infusing the medication into the irrigating solution allows the active ingredient in the drug to come immediately in direct contact with the membranes of the nasal and sinus passages, just like in using nasal sprays. However, a sinus irrigator works even better because it is designed to deliver the irrigating solution even through congested sinus passages, and not merely through the section of the nasal cavity proximal to the nozzle or spray.

You can ask your doctor for more information if you are interested about the advantages of medicated sinus irrigation.

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