Surrogacy is an amazing process itself. It has the incredible power to create a family. It is safe and successful process and also amazing experience for both the family and the surrogate. It’s difficult to quantify the endless supply of virtues that a surrogacy process provides. For intended parents, surrogacy is the adventure to finally complete their family and realize their chance of parenthood. For surrogates, it is the experience of a lifetime to give selflessly to another family who needs them. The high cost surrogacy attracted many western countries to go for surrogacy in India.

In fact for both - intended parents and surrogate, surrogacy is an amazing journey and a deeply rewarding experience unlike any other.

Surrogacy Benefits for Intended Parents
There are many category and background of intended parents like hopeful parents ready to start a family but don’t wish to face lengthy pregnancy process while others have struggled for many years to become parents with various infertility treatments and have exhausted with these treatments. All of these intended parents have one thing in common - a strong hope to have their own child. For these individuals and couples, surrogacy makes their dream possible.

The advantages of surrogacy already brighten hundreds of families who have been created their family in this special way. Below are few surrogacy benefits that intended parents enjoy:
• Surrogacy allows childless couples to become parents when they are unable to have children otherwise.
• Surrogacy provides intended parents the chance to understand and form a special bond with their surrogate and her family.
• Intended parents are involved throughout the pregnancy process and are normally able to be part of the most of the process involved, from the embryo transfer to their baby’s birth.
• Surrogacy allows hopeful parents the chance to bring up a child from birth.
• As compared to adoption, intended parents may face less restriction with surrogacy. The couples who cannot adopt a child due to factors like age or due to agency restrictions can still pursue surrogacy.
• Surrogacy provides intended parents more peace of mind and control throughout the pregnancy than they generally have with adoption or other fertility treatments.

Surrogacy Benefits for Surrogate Mothers
Every journey of surrogacy is different and every surrogate may have gained totally different rewards and benefits. However, each surrogacy is life-changing experience for surrogate and provides different experiences. Below are the some of the main benefit that a surrogate mother enjoys:
• Surrogates enjoy high level of personal satisfaction and pride feelings that they have helped another family in such an amazing way.
• The surrogate mother develops a strong bond throughout the process as she share her pregnancy journey with the intended parents. Many surrogates develop long lasting relationships with the families they help to have their children.
• Surrogate mothers involve with intended parents family members, friends and other supportive member in the whole process and are able to set a magnificent example of generosity and selflessness for those people around her.
• All of the surrogate’s expenses are paid and surrogate mother also enjoys a variety of services throughout the process, including high quality healthcare and counseling services.
• In compensated surrogacy, the surrogate receives base compensation that can help her to achieve her various financial goals.

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