Since ancient times, the mind and body are being kept healthy and Yoga is known to provide mental and physical benefits. It is famous for reducing weight and bodily injury, calm down and reduce stress. Recently it has gained popularity all over the world and people do yoga in many parts of the world. The most famous seat of yoga is Surya Namaskar. There are 12 different yoga sessions that are performed with mantras. However, this is not necessary, it adds spirituality to the whole exercise.

Asana has many health benefits such as it improves blood flow and improves digestion. It also helps in weight loss. It also gives positive energy in the body. Once Sun salute can reduce 13.9 calories. Surya Namaskar is the simplest way to stay healthy. As we mentioned earlier, 12 yoga successes are associated with Surya Namaskar. First of all, there is a pranayama in which both hands have to stand and stand straight. It comes after Hastottasana in which the hands are raised and then comes the handshake, which has to stand in the front. Fourth Asana is the Horse Operation which has to sit like a horse, the fifth posture is Dandasan, and afterwards Ashtanga Namaskar, which is to come in the posture of a cobra.

It comes after Bhujangasan which has to face down in the currency of the dog. After this there is Ashvashalasan and then Hastapadasan, Hastropontana and Pranayam. Surya Namaskar means to give eternal honor to the sun. By exercising this energy from the sun, the body becomes healthy. Surya Namaskar is to get energy from the sun's speed and it is necessary to do this posture at the right time. If yoga is to be believed, then Yoga is an art and the best time to do Surya Namaskar is from the early morning period. These times are considered to be the best for this posture. However, it is not necessary that you have to do this seat in the morning itself.

You can do it in the evening too. Some people are very busy at work and due to this, the sun does not get saluted in the morning due to the maximum work done in the morning. If you want to be healthy by decreasing the weight then Surya Namaskar is best for you. Surya Namaskar is better at sunrise. Looking at the sun, morning should empty the sun salute. The sun's energy gets positive energy and the health benefits have many benefits. There is a calm and gentle atmosphere in the morning and at the beginning of the day, the mind feels refreshed by doing this posture. Therefore, doing Surya Namaskar in the open air outside the house is more beneficial. However, you can do it at home but the room should be airy. In the early hours, it is better to do Surya Namaskar at the time of the evening, because at this time the body keeps moving, while in the morning there is idleness. If you want to salute the sun in the morning then you can practice it in the evening.

By understanding its technique, you can easily do this posture in the morning. In addition, this posture should be done in slow motion and try to keep your posture perfect. Apart from this, it is beneficial to do 12 postures of Surya Namaskar. Warm up before sun salutation decreases the likelihood of injury and there is no sluggishness in the body. Pregnant women, having hernia patients or having high blood pressure, are relieved of back pain and during the menstruation women should not do sun salutation. Do the sun greet only after the doctor's advice.

Surya Namaskar is the most important and important posture in yoga. Keeping the mind and mind healthy, it keeps energy and energy alive. If you want to make any change in your workout routine then Surya can do Namaskar.

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