ETIAS short term visa like a document with you should be allowed the travellers for visiting changing join without getting long term visa. Europe is joining various regions around the globe where the electronic system already included for traveling. European Commission also proposed for initiating electronic visa system which is called European travel information and authorization system or ETIAS. In this article, we will discuss how ETIAS will work and the advantages of it.

ETIAS System:

ETIAS system is somewhat similar to the ESTA program which is available in the United States of America. Although not each and every traveller can apply for ETIAS authorization, because this program is only available for the citizens of 60 Visa-free countries around the globe. In case you are from the eligible countries which provide ETIAS system, then they need to provide this following information in the application.

  • Personal details.
  • Valid travel documents.
  • Date of birth and place of birth.
  • Information of parents.

There are several supplementary information recharges also needed to complete the process of ETIAS system.

  • Criminal records and public health risks.
  • Refusal of entries in previous application.
  • A complete history of employment.
  • Previous European travel information.

After the successful submission of the application, the authorization will be received within a few minutes. Few of the cases people may need to wait for two weeks in order to get the confirmation. This authorization will be sent to the traveller and it is valid for 3 years.

Advantages of ETIAS:

There are several advantages of using the electronic visa system, and this system is already used in parts of the world. This system is beneficial for both government agencies as well as for travellers. Electronic visa system which will be implemented to each and every part of the world along with improving security and it will encourage tourism.

  • You will get two experienced improved and streamlined border crossing, passing immigration control is now much faster.
  • This system is having blood security database service. Security database includes EUROPOL, VIS, SIS and Interpol. This is the best way to prevent terrorism and criminal activities. Now dangerous individuals can be easily flagged using this system.
  • To enter Europe ETIAS travel authorization is required, show illegal migration to Europe will be difficult. This is the best way to prevent illegal migration into European countries.
  • Border system will always be up to date and will be synchronized with other major systems around the world. This will help all the officials to easily manage borders and prevent threats incoming to the country. This will be the best opportunity to focus on security issues rather than the traveling authorization.


Travel using the electronic visa, which will initially eliminate the need for long term visa for traveling. There are several benefits which we have mentioned about the ETIAS in this article for you. We have collected complete information about ETIAS from various sources and posted them in this article for you. Share this informative article with others, so that we get to know about the ETIAS.

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