For holistic growth, one must not only maintain a good diet and regular physical activity with regular learning, external therapeutic care is also essential. It can potentially boost one’s learning ability, and generally improve overall functioning in various ways. Ruhil Care offers therapeutic support that can immensely support your journey in being self-sufficient as well as promote your learning curve.

Why Opt for Therapeutic Care?

Therapeutic care is based on scientific and research-based practices that focus on improving the functioning of various aspects of the body. This includes different types of therapy that focuses on different parts, such as a physical therapist would focus on the physical aspects of the body and overall mobility. Any challenges met while engaging in physical movement, or to attain complete mobility and strength in the limbs, a physical therapist can guide you on solving these issues.

Therapy is given significant importance in disability care because of the role it plans in Therapeutic care is covered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), hence, you can either select the specific care packages that are paid for under your plan in NDIS, or you can choose to pay us privately for the services you require.

What Therapy does Ruhil Care offer?

Ruhil Care understands the integral part that therapy plays in disability care. We therefore offer a number of services that can stimulate well-rounded development and help you become more confident of yourself.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy learns your challenges with daily functioning and actions, and aims to gradually help you overcome them. Occupational therapy deals with practical skills and regular functioning that one needs to engage in general actions in everyday life, for which a disabled person may need the assistance of someone else. This includes actions like bathing, brushing, cooking, among others. With therapy, this need can slowly be reduced as you are trained with the guidance of our highly qualified professionals to learn to do them on your own. Our therapists follow a person-centred approach to truly adapt the techniques to fit your personal aspects and learning abilities so as to take the process at your pace and comfort.


The physiotherapists at Ruhil Care are experts in the profession and are available at all times to help you build your physical skills. Physiotherapy primarily engages with the bodily aspects, so it is the gradual rehabilitation and maintenance of one’s physical functions and overall mobility. Our professionals will assess your difficulties at first, and accordingly plan out ways and techniques that respect your personal style of working as well as your body’s needs. One can expect to tremendously improve their strength, posture, mobility, and balance under the care of our physiotherapists.

Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural support focuses on your mental health and general outlook on several parts of your life, the external behaviours that are rooted in them and the relationships you therefore maintain. Our professionals look into any areas of concern that you may be confronting, and attempts to help you overcome them while maintaining your space and dignity. Here, confidentiality and comfort are essential, and both are absolutely guaranteed at Ruhil Care. This is to reduce any restrictive practices around them, such as isolating them inside their homes in fear of some potential harm. We aim to help you live to your best potential, and not let ill mental health to hinder those efforts.

Speech Therapy

Ruhil Care houses proficient speech pathologists who focus on communication skills as well as general uses of the mouth which includes eating and its different aspects. Swallowing, chewing can be difficult for many and our pathologists initiate speech therapy to help you perform these actions without assistance and to the extent of doing them unconsciously. A lot of elements go into communication such as understanding social cues, body language, speaking and pre-literacy skills. Our speech therapists help in developing these social skills so they can fearlessly get involved in social settings and not find them too challenging.

Psychological Therapy

The Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists at Ruhil Care offer psychological support that looks at complete mental well-being and health. Psychological therapy can help one understand one’s thinking patterns and behaviours and the ideas that result in these practices. This is particularly important to overcome any mental barriers that are deep-rooted and are acting as obstacles to living your best. Any relationships or past behaviours that need to be understood can be safely discussed here so you are no longer bothered by them.

Ruhil Care recognises the vital role that therapy plays and encourages all its members to participate in it according to their needs and funding. We also understand the need for privacy regarding these matters and promise absolute confidentiality in all the aspects of therapy including personal assessments, reports and general conversations about private matters. The ultimate aim for our professionals is to help you reach your potential and become independent along the way.

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Ruhil Care honours the valuable relationship that we share with our differently-abled community and aims to make their time with us worthwhile by making accessible a wide range of activities that can, in time, help in creating a more equal world.