Karela is considered to be one of the well renowned Ayurvedic herbs which aid in the regulation of blood sugar level. This type juice is extracted with the aid of unique area of technology from chemically free and naturally growing fruit, the Karela. The leaves of this plant happen to be a rich source of bovine insulin such as gaurmrin along with different other integral components. Herbal karela ras is also a rich source of Jamun seed extracts for making it more effective for diabetic patients. Here are a few benefits of consuming Jamun Karela Ras


The juice is beneficial in the early stages of cholera. Two spoons of this juice, when mixed with lemon as well as onion juice, should be taken on a regular basis. You will be capable of procuring faster results. 

Eye tonic 

Jamun Karela Ras is considered to be a rich source of high beta-carotene along with other medicinal properties. It helps in the elevation of eye problems and improving eyesight.

Boosts immunity 

Keralaras aid in boosting the immune system of the body and strengthening the body against infection. 

Repertory disorder 

Drinking this juice along with honey and water every morning in empty stomach will be effective in bronchitis as well as asthma.


It helps in cleansing the toxins from the liver as well as blood. 

Other benefits 

This juice is effective in digesting food at ease and promoting the secretion of enzymes. 

It aids in the removal of black spots and acne from the face. 

This juice is considered to be useful in constipated stool along with diseases such as fissures hemorrhoids and fistulas.

It aids to destroy worms which are present in the gastrointestinal tract. 

It aids in resolving several skin issues.

It assists in the purification of blood and conferring assistance from infections as well as toxins. 

It helps to remove menstrual disorders. 

It is considered to be effective in solving problems related to the female genital tract.

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