Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a line of software systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM). Microsoft markets dynamics technologies through a reselling network of partners offering specialized services.

Microsoft has been delivering solutions that enable businesses to build winning teams and create a workplace where people can succeed and grow. Starting February 2020, Dynamics 365 will officially be renamed to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human resources.

This change reflects their assurance to help HR Professionals improve the employee experience by creating data-driven programs. It can transform employee experiences, improve organizational agility, enable workforce insights, and optimize HR programs.

Here are some benefits of Microsoft dynamics 365

1. It helps to increase flexibility and reduced cost. The flexible licensing model of Dynamics 365 ensures that users do not saddle themselves with a monolithic suite of applications that they don't need. Alternatively, businesses can pick the apps they need, and create a tailor-made solution that best fits their needs. Its cloud-based design also makes access versatile. Both users need an internet connection for its web-based interface to communicate and work for Dynamics 365, which means the team can do stuff anytime, anywhere.

2. It also helps to increase the productivity of your business. Throughout recent years, Microsoft has made artificial intelligence a big priority, and now they feed the technology back into their Dynamics 365 products. Dynamics 365 can help take care of the routine tasks with built-in automation features while pointing you in the right direction on big picture behavior.

3. It helps to Improved security and compliance. Microsoft dynamics 365 manages all the back-end systems at their end, so you can sleep soundly when downloading the new security patch without thinking you skipped one of the office computers.

4. It also helps to Improve organizational Agility. Any complexities can be reduced due to the administration that reflects the organizational structure, hierarchies, and job descriptions.

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