Your skin, hair and nails health depends on your diet and the way you care for them. When they’re exposed to chemical based products, you’re actually slowly poisoning your body with toxins. They enter our body through our skin and are a risk for pregnant women, children and people with sensitive skin, especially. Instead if we prefer organic hair products you’ll actually make your hair and body happy for the long term and it's also an environmentally friendly approach too. 

These chemicals when mixed with water while washing enters in our soil and marine water that puts the nature and sea animals life at risk. Your health is more important than money or any other short term benefits. Here are few reasons why we should put our hands on organic and natural products in our daily cleaning routines:

1-  Chemical and toxin free

Hair products usually means shampoo for cleaning and conditioner to nourish your hair, but they’re made from harsh, irritant synthetics which causes irreversible damage to your hair and scalp. 

Chemical infused products have parabens which increases its shelf life but are quickly absorbed by the skin, causing allergies. Sulfates are cleansing agents but also take away natural oils and moisture from the hair along with dirt and debris. Similarly, silicones in conditioners give a silky, smooth look to your hair but make them greasy too. so all these chemicals formulated can cause long term damage to your hair.

However, organic hair products like shampoo and conditioners won’t make that much lather but will surely clean your hair, without any side effects. They have added natural ingredients which give shine and strength to your hair beautifully. Organic conditions are rich in vitamin E, coconut oil, almond oil and organic essential oils which gives natural moisture to your hair.   

2-   Safe for skin

Using traditional hair care products are harmful for your scalp and also when it drips on your skin and body, harsh chemicals are absorbed by the skin causing irritation and allergic reactions too. 

With organic hair products you make sure, you’re feeding your hair and scalp with the safest, natural ingredients which will not cause any damage to your hair. It's even advisable to use such products when you’re pregnant or breast feeding to avoid any exposure to toxins and synthetic chemicals.

3-  Helping environment

Using natural products for your hair and skin not only benefits you as an individual but are also safe and eco-friendly for our environment. When you wash hair from chemical based shampoo, they also go down the drain, contaminating both the water and soil in the process.

Also, when these chemicals go into the sea, marine life is affected badly, because these chemicals don't biodegrade and decompose, whereas natural ingredients break easily and are good for us, for our planet Earth and support our agricultural lands too.

4- Value

We accept the fact that organic hair products are more costly and expensive as compared to synthetic, traditional products however, the gap isn't that big, if you see the pros and cons, you’ll definitely pay those extra pennies because they’re promising and safe for your hair, scalp and skin plus they’re environmentally friendly too. 

Organic products use ingredients like shea butter, organic essential oils or coconut oil which are derived from an expensive process but the results are satisfactory. If you want nice, healthy and strong hair, it’s time to invest in some natural products and change your hair care routine with them too.

5- Promote healthy hair

The chemical based shampoo has injurious toxins, which strip away scalp’s protective oils making them dull and lifeless in the long run. You feel and look best in the first few uses but after sometime you realize, its damaging the hair pretty badly, whereas nature based ingredients will reverse all these problems making your hair lustrous, luxe, healthy, strong and glossy.

These products do take some time but can work wonders for you. Also, they stimulate the growth of new hair and prevent hair loss too.

What Chemicals to Steer Clear off?

The traditional chemical based hair products have involved many toxic chemicals that are harmful and would deteriorate the health of your hair gradually with its regular use. They give immediate results but aren’t good at all. Few are discussed below, commonly seen on the ingredients lists:

1- Paraben

These are put in almost every shampoo to increase the shelf life of the product, which isn’t good for us. We usually see them with the names like Methylparaben, Propylparaben and the list is long. They’re also known as endocrine disruptors, disturbing its function and putting you at risk.

2-  Phthalates

They are also known as fragrance and usually don't appear in the ingredients list but it’s present in the product. They aren’t natural perfumes and could be irritating for many people. They also interact with our hormonal functions which are unhealthy. Try to pick a shampoo that is phthalate free or fragrance free.

3-  Mineral oils/ petroleum jelly

Both are for the same purpose, to moisturize, make them frizz free and for detangling too but they contain PAHs (polyaromatic hydrocarbons) which can cause cancer by disturbing cycling follicles. Both can result in the same risk, so avoid using them.

4- Silicons

They’re used to create a smooth, glossy look of your hair mostly found in conditioners. They do give a silky hair look for sometime but by the end of the day, it’ll leave your scalp and hair greasy and sticky. You would again need a sulfate rich shampoo to remove these silicons and thus you enter in a vicious circle of it.

5- Sulfates

People often think, heavy lather and foam means a good, effective shampoo but they often strip off your natural moisture and oils from hair leaving them dry and dull, this is due to sulfates. It can also cause dandruff, so stay away from them.

Ending lines

Avoid all kinds of chemical based products as they have many downsides and are unwantedly entering in our body through skin. Organic skin care products are our skin's best friends and it's high time to consider our health over anything else.

Author's Bio: 

Linda Johnson