Writing in Russian can sometimes be scary for a lot of people, especially beginners. However, the language itself is not difficult as it seems. Naturally, Russian children have a little advantage over speakers of other languages. But, if you take up the Russian language course in Kolkata, you can learn to speak, read and write the language too.

Russian alphabets are based on Latin script, and Latin characters are everywhere in the language, from global brands to vitamins, to Hollywood movies and chessboard, everywhere. In fact, average educated Russians are familiar with the Latin letters required for writing even if they don’t speak any other languages.

The Russian scripts are called Cyrillic and learning the script can be a bit intimidating in the beginning phases. However, it is quite normal. Below we will state why writing in Russian as a foreign language will give you several benefits.

First, when you try to write anything in any foreign language, you will face helplessness while trying to produce a sentence. As a beginner, you can be quite lost, and embarrassed. However, you must not worry much since this is normal. You will learn to speak first and then pick up with reading and writing later, as it happened when you were a baby.

Writing will improve general language proficiency since writing is an active language skill just like speaking. You stop consuming a language and start producing speech when you write and in this way you start acquiring the language. Additionally, when you take up a Russian language course in Kolkata, you learn the language structurally from the teachers.

Writing Helps in the Vocabulary Development of the Foreign Language

As you have guessed it already, if you practice writing in a foreign language, you start learning new words, phrases, etc. which you can combine together to develop meaningfully correct sentences. Writing will also help you to realize what words are needed most to construct standard sentences.

Learning New Words from Essays
As you look up a word in a dictionary while writing your essay, chances are, you will memorize the new word in a better way. You will encounter what you need most while writing. We have to memorize important things first and therefore the words that we have learned while writing stick to our memories for a longer time.

Improving Grammar by Writing
If you practice writing, you will naturally improve grammar and vice versa and both learning and practicing will be much more efficient. As you try to express yourself with writing, you will learn how to organize your ideas and form grammatically correct sentences. By taking up a Russian language course in Kolkata you will be able to practice and learn grammar at the same time. The more you practice, you will be able to memorize the grammar rules through the course.

Memorize Words by Taking up Writing Tests
After you achieve a certain level of proficiency in the language after joining the Russian language course in Kolkata, you must take some writing tests to identify your weaker areas in the Russian language. Moreover, taking up tests will push your limits to and help you to acquire skills in the language.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope teaches the Russian language at IITT Languages Academy. Amongst many, he teaches the Russian language course in Kolkata where he focuses on reading, writing and speaking skills for his students.