Although many of us are aware of the benefits of yoga for the mind and the body, the same benefits also apply for children.

This ancient eastern practise from India has always been recommended for children especially in India where many yoga postures are included in the school exercise curriculum.

So how can yoga help children? One of the most important benefits is enhanced concentration. Once your child learns how to sit in one place and focus as opposed to letting their mind wander. The ancient Indian sages used yoga as a form of meditation and they were renowned for their concentration powers. So this ability of yoga will help your child focus in school and improve their concentration levels.

One of the most wonderful benefits of yoga is flexibility and the postures will help with balance and general wellbeing including flexibility. After a yoga session, kids feel both mentally and physically refreshed and this therefore helps improve their mental and physical health.

Yoga also helps with stress and kids are under enormous stress these days. Yoga helps to relax their young minds and de-stress when they feel they are under a lot of pressure from school or other activities.

Whether you choose yoga for kids or for yourself, you may need a few yoga essentials. There are many different kinds of yoga mats available in the market today. There are many online stores as well for yoga accessories and yoga clothing. Outtfits for yoga has evolved into a fashionable clothing range that is both versatile and trendy crossing over info leisure and lounge wear.

Bamboo and cotton clothing is most popular as it helps keep the body cool and comfortable whilst practising yoga. Different clothing ranges are available to suit different styles of yoga. For hot or Bikram yoga clothing needs to be more fitted and less cover is required as the body needs to sweat. Hatha yoga requires a more loose style of clothing that allows for ease of movement.

Yoga mats come in different styles as well. The difference is mainly the width and the length. Some yoga styles needs a slightly more cushioned mat for better comfort. Other yoga mats are more authentic like the Mysore Yoga Rug and the Jute mat which are made with natural fibres and not that suitable for the studio but great for homes use. Other mats like the Manduka Pro are suitable for yoga experts. For staring out simply select a mat that offers at least 5mm to 7mm thickness and offers good grip too.

Yoga clothes for women and men has become a growing market as with the popularity of yoga, the demand for suitable attire also goes up.

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